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 published: 2007-06-08

Place a candle of gratitude in the Original Shrine in my name

Wayside Shrines attached to the Original Shrine – Bonded as Family


Begegnung am Bildstock in Rafaela, Argentinien

Encuentro en la ermita en Rafaela, Argentina

Encounter at the wayside shrine in Rafaela, Argentina

Begegnung am Bildstock in Rafaela, Argentinien

Foto: Allemandi © 2007


Jahrestag der Kapelle “Cana” in San Martin. Ehepaar Fredes präsentiert das Geschenk vom Urheiligtum  

Aniversario del oratorio Cana, San Martín. El matrimonio Fredes presenta el regalo recibido

Anniversary of the wayside shrine Cana, in San Martin. Sergio Fredes and his wife presenting the shingle from the Original Shrine

Jahrestag der Kapelle “Cana” in San Martin. Ehepaar Fredes präsentiert das Geschenk vom Urheiligtum

Inneres der Kapelle<leer>  

Interior del oratorio

Interior of the wayside shrine

Inneres der Kapelle

Fotos: Fredes © 2007

Der Bildstock in Tres Arroyos wurde am 7. Juni 2007 zwanzig Jahre alt  

La ermita en Tres Arroyos cumplió 20 años el 7 de junio de 2007

The wayside shrine in Tres Arroyos celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 7, 2007

Der Bildstock in Tres Arroyos wurde am 7. Juni 2007 zwanzig Jahre alt

Foto: Correa © 2007

Zehn Jahre Kampagne in Rafaela  

Diez años de la Campaña en Rafaela

Ten years of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Rafaela

Zehn Jahre Kampagne in Rafaela

Augenblicke des Gebets  

Momentos de oración

Moments of prayer

Augenblicke des Gebets

Fotos: Allemandi © 2007


ARGENTINA, Sergio Fredes/mkf. The Cana Oratory of San Martin, a province of Mendoza, celebrated its 10th Anniversary on May 25th. A daring idea emerged: ask for " "a greeting and a gift from Schoenstatt from the Original Shrine; or in other words, ask for something from the Original Shrine for the anniversary as a sign and source of strong attachment with the place of origin. Via mail, a piece of shingle from the roof of the Original Shrine arrived punctually! Once again the Wayside Shrines that stretch from one end of the country to another show that they are places of attachment where the graces the MTA gives from her Shrine are experienced.

During the ceremony on May 25th, the shingle was presented and offered to the Blessed Mother for the10 years at the Cana Oratory. It was a beautiful day and many people attended the ceremonies in which five rose bushes were also offered – one for each Branch of the Movement. Musicians also lent their talent to the festivities. The Oratory is located on the grounds of the Parish of Our Lady of Carmen where Mass was celebrated by Father Luis Scarabosi. Afterwards at the hall, a beautiful cake was cut and offered to those who attended while a video with photos and slides of the past ten years was presented.

Father visits us again

"Today is the third anniversary of the blessing of my Wayside Shrine, so I ask that you place a candle of gratitude in the Original Shrine in my name", wrote Clara Bianco de Herbón on June 7th. She was referring to the Wayside Shrine in Villa La Angostura, in Patagonia. "Many beautiful things happened during these years; the Blessed Mother has manifested herself and has begun her work". From her Wayside Shrine, the Blessed Mother opened the way so the Rosary Campaign could start at the beginning of the year when before that there had been nothing pertaining to Schoenstatt.

On June 6th, the 60th Anniversary of Father Kentenich’s visit to Coronel Borrego, the Wayside Shrine celebrated its 15th Anniversary. The Rosary Campaign prepared a prayer written for the celebration: "Dear Mother and Queen of the people, it has been sixty years since the arrival of your son, Father Joseph Kentenich, to our town and to our Archdiocese of Bahia Blanca. Today we feel that he visits us again. We beseech you, Mother, that in union with his feelings that you will introduce us more profoundly to the person of Jesus Christ. Building on the past we want to walk towards the future with the strength, the loyalty, and the self-giving of those who loved and who love the Church. Through Mary to Christ. Amen."

I can’t believe that – living in Rafaela – I did not know that there was a Wayside Shrine of the Blessed Mother in my city.

On May 18th, in Rafael, province of Santa Fe, the 10th Anniversary of the Campaign was celebrated. The celebration took place at the Wayside Shrine, where the 1,000 Hail Mary’s were prayed, and where on the following day the youth came on pilgrimage praying the "Stations of the Cross with Mary" along the way. Rosa Maria Allemandi, a missionary from Rafael, was in Schoenstatt some weeks before and she prayed especially in the Original Shrine of the Rosary Campaign in Rafaela. The news about her visit, that was published on, awakened the interest and the joy of Elsa Bertero, from Mar de Plata, who lived in Rafaela many years ago during the first nine years of her marriage (last year she and her husband celebrated their Golden Anniversary). "I did not know there was a wayside shrine." When she received the photos of the celebration in Rafaela, she forwarded them immediately to her confirmation godchild, Susy Re, in Rafaela. It was a great joy for her to receive them… "Dear Elsita, I am so touched; I cannot believe that we are talking about the same Maria Rosa Allemandi. It seems unbelievable, but her sister, Marita Tossini the widow of Berta, is the person who brought the picture of the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt to my home about two years ago. What a coincidence that two days ago, I met Marita again and told her that I wanted to talk to her so that I could have the Blessed Mother in my home again, and that I also wanted to take Her to another very faithful lady. Maria Rosa Tossini is the person who was in Schoenstatt, and I cannot believe that – living in Rafael – I did not know that there was a Wayside Shrine of the Blessed Mother in my city. Tomorrow I will call her to find out where that beautiful little forest is located and I will go to visit it."

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA /amj


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