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 published: 2007-06-15

The Mystery of Attachments

Life emerging from the Reflections of Father Nicolas


P. Nicolás Schwizer predigt weiter über Internet

El P. Nicolás sigue predicando desde el Internet

Father Nicolás goes on preaching via the Internet

P. Nicolás Schwizer predigt weiter über Internet



Tapa del libro

Cover of the book


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PARAGUAY, Javier Cabral. When we began to distribute the leaflets of Reflections, a series by Father Nicolas, attention was centered on them. Today, after distributing twelve leaflets, a new aspect emerged that we had not considered in the beginning. Many people read the comments included in the emails, they showed interest in establishing contact among themselves, and in offering support for different activities, etc.

An example of this happened when Mrs. Susana Verdié, from Venezuela, stated: "This week we will begin to work with a small group of the Blessed Mother. Here in Venezuela there are no workshops, only some pictures of the Blessed Mother are distributed…there is not much knowledge about the Schoenstatt Movement in the churches or among the priests. So one of the ladies of the Mothers’ Branch from Bolivia –where I lived before –sent me a little book to begin, Number 1: Program for Introduction". I hope to carry this out, and that the Blessed Mother will illumine and guide us so we can go forward. I am grateful in advance for any material that you can send me, it will be of great help for us".

Some time later Mrs. Yolanda Salas Biord, also from Venezuela, read this comment and showed interest in contacting Mrs. Verdie: "In the last reflections I read about a person from Venezuela by the name of Susana. If it is possible, I would like to contact her, and let her know that we have a small movement not only of distributing little cards but we give talks and we have constant communication with Father Sidney Fones. If you can have her contact me that would be wonderful, the Blessed Mother is powerful."

She unites the weak threads individually to weave a network of strong attachments.

Lizzie I. Alipaz, also writes: "A greeting from La Paz, Bolivia, and from the Shrine of Achumani. In one of your recent messages I read one from Susana from Venezuela. I would like to contact her and give some support from the Ladies’ Branch in my city. Thank you in advance."

"Thank you, in the beginning all support and help is excellent. Thank you, through your mediation we have able to communicate with Mrs. Biord. Since we are small in Venezuela, your connection is good to exchange and to share. Thanks, again. United in the Covenant. Susana Verdié".

In another case, Father Daniel Jany from Paso Mayor, Argentina showed interest in a book and short time later Antonio and Daniela, a couple who presently live in Paraguay, read about this. They have already offered to take the book on their next trip to Argentina.

The ways of the Blessed Mother are mysterious. She is uniting weak threads individually to weave a network of strong attachments to face the difficulties of our world of today.

Note: Father Nicolas Schwizer’s leaflets of Reflection, who is referred to in this text are distributed bi-monthly to those who are interested. To request them:

From ideal love to real love (PDF)

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