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 published: 2007-05-25

Unity in cultural diversity

Annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Mulgoa


Wallfahrt zum Heiligtum in Mulgoa

Peregrinación al Santuario de Mulgoa: Católicos de orígenes tan diversos como es usual en Australia se puedan unir en una sola expresión de fe

Pilgrimage to the Shrine in Mulgoa: that Catholics of so many diverse origins - typical mirror of Australia' multicultural society -, can unite in a single expression of faith

Wallfahrt zum Heiligtum in Mulgoa: Katholiken aus ganz verschiedenen Kulturen – Spiegel der multikulturellen Gesellschaft Australiens – verbinden sich hier im gemeinsamen Ausdruck des Glaubens


Pilger im Schatten des Heiligtums

Peregrinos a la sombra del Santuario

Pilgrims in the shadow of the Shrine

Pilger im Schatten des Heiligtums

Heilige Messe mit Bischof Maning  

Santa Misa con Mons. Maning

Holy Mass with Bishop Maning

Heilige Messe mit Bischof Maning

Die Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter ist immer stark vertreten  

Presencia fuerte de la Campaña

A strong presence of the Campaign

Die Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter ist immer stark vertreten

Eucharistische Prozession  

Procesión Eucaristica

Eucharist Procession

Eucharistische Prozession


Bendición final

Final Blessing


Fotos: P. Marcelo Aravena © 2007


AUSTRALIA, Father Marcelo Aravena. Just like every year during the Month of Mary, the annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Schoenstatt in the Shrine of Mulgoa in New South Wales was held on Sunday, May 20th . With great organizational effort and much prayer the national team of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign (Pilgrim Mother Apostolate: PMA) made the large event possible for 1800 pilgrims who came to this large "spiritual date".

The Bishop of the Dioceses of Parramata, Kevin Maning attended the pilgrimage. He has attended and supported the pilgrimage for many years and it is the only massive one in the diocese. He presided the Holy Mass and encouraged the pilgrims to be loyal to the Gospel of Jesus and to strongly implore the Holy Spirit for themselves, for the Church and for all of Australia.

Renewal of the commitment with the Pilgrim MTA

The renewal of the commitment and the apostolic sending forth of the hundreds of coordinators of the Pilgrim MTA, who had gathered bringing their Pilgrim MTAs , was a very special moment. The day which was filled with light and sunshine was the ideal framework to receive the blessing from the bishop.

After lunch outdoors the traditional Eucharistic procession was made from the valley of Mount Schoenstatt to the Shrine. The devotion and love of the Lord was manifested in a very intense manner. The procession was also the opportunity for the different ethnic groups that were present to express their faith with prayers and songs in different languages.

It is interesting to stress the universality of the Catholic Church in these massive events. It is important to note that Catholics of so many diverse origins - typical mirror of Australia' multicultural society -, can unite in a single expression of faith where everyone finds a place, where everyone feels welcome and represented. During the Sunday Journey they were able to profess one creed of one faith, one Baptism and one Lord.

The youth who were present are preparing for the World Youth Day with the Holy Father Benedict XVI

The youth who are loyal and believe the Gospel were also able to express their commitment with Mary. The devotion to Our Lady of Schoenstatt attracts the youth that hope for a different world, one that is more just and in solidarity. The new World Youth Day with Holy Father Benedict XVI in July of 2008 in Sydney was mentioned often in the prayers.

During the Eucharistic procession there was a beautiful celebration of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction for the sick in front of the Shrine. The illnesses and the pain of so many brothers and sisters were eased with the consolation of this sacrament. The celebration of unction is a very extensive and popular custom in the local church.

The day culminated with the final blessing

The day culminated with the final blessing with the Eucharistic in front of the altar. Bishop Maning , who carried the Blessed Sacrament with the assistance of the seminarians from Sydney, gave the final blessing to all the pilgrims. This ended a beautiful day of prayer, fraternal encounter and of spiritual strengthening.

The pilgrims who came from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and from near and far returned to their homes of origin in the evening. Surely their hearts were full of gratitude and renewed faith to face the challenges of daily living and they renewed the commitment to return next year to obtain another invitation for the new pilgrimage to Mulgoa.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA


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