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 published: 2007-05-29

The Globalization of Love

The Girls’ Youth from Buenos Aires takes on the Rosary Campaign as Their Apostolate


La Juventud Femenina de Buenos Aires asume la Campaña del Rosario como apostolado

The Girls’s Youth of Buenos Aires assumes the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign as apostolate

Die Mädchenjugend von Buenos Aires übernimmt die Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter als Apostolat



Compromiso misionero

Missionary commitment

Übernahme der Sendung


Momentos de alegría

Moments of joy

Da kommt einfach Freude auf!


La Campaña del Rosario es el vehículo más veloz de Schoenstatt

The Campaign is the quickest way to promote Schoenstatt

Die Kampagne ist das schnellste Gefährt Schönstatts






Quiero ser tu misionera...

I want to be your missionary

Ich möchte deine Missionarin sein

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ARGENTINA, Cristina White / Lili Ambroggio. The Girls’ Youth met on May 2nd for a workshop about the Rosary Campaign presented by Cristina White. On May 9th (also Father Esteban Uriburu’s) birthday, four girls received Pilgrim MTAs , and those who had received a Pilgrim MTA in 2005 renewed their missionary commitment. One of the girls, Lili Ambroggio, shares the reasons, desires, and experiences of the Girls’ Youth with the Rosary Campaign.

The Rosary Campaign, the swiftest vehicle for Schoenstatt, takes the Blessed Mother on a pilgrimage to the homes of those hearts that have fallen away or whose faith is dormant. The Campaign brings the graces of Shrine to them by transforming their homes into places of grace during the Blessed Mother’s visit.

Joao Pozzobon, the initiator of the Campaign, received a large picture of the Blessed Mother in 1950 from Sister M. Teresinha in the Shrine of Santa Maria, Brazil for the purpose of taking Her to families. Initially, he spent two hours daily on this apostolate; two years later he devoted his entire time to this great apostolic task.

This is the work to which we are called and invited: to be "little donkeys" of Mary like Joao Pozzobon, who lived his Personal Ideal. We are really to be instruments of God and of Mary not only disciples but also missionaries. The rosary is the best tool for opening those closed doors and bringing souls closer to God and Mary.

This year (2007), the Girls’ Youth has proposed that the Rosary Campaign be their apostolate which is in complete accord with their group’s motto of life: With Mary, be hearts to the world". Because undoubtedly, that is what we will be: Hearts for those who need a breath of fresh air, support, consolation, joy, or perhaps companionship, but also that She will bring about change in people’s lives and that is what we are seeking.

Through us She will chose to which She will go

Throughout the year workshops are being held to prepare us for the Rosary Campaign and we have received our Pilgrim MTAs to begin the journey of love.

The first workshop, held at the beginning of May, covered a wide range of topics clearly explaining the origin of the Campaign in the virtues of its initiator, Joao Pozzobon and his life. More importantly, we are to consider ourselves instruments in bringing Mary to visit people who for various reasons don’t have the opportunity to visit Her Shrine but who need Her. She will choose whom She will visit through us. In exchange, She asks for our Capital of Grace. As Cristina White said during the workshop, "The Blessed Mother wants a great network of hearts, a globalization of love." I include those to whom I take the Pilgrim MTA in my prayers asking for their hearts and their intentions. I incorporate them into my life, and I cultivate them interiorly to help contribute to the great network of love.

After the workshop on May 9th, we received our Pilgrim MTAs

while other girls who were already missionaries renewed their commitment. It was truly a very moving experience we were very excited to see ourselves as instruments of God willing to take great challenges out on the street and spread His faith.

Let there be thousands bringing Mary

Although we have just begun as disciples-missionaries, we want to invite everyone so that there will be thousands bringing Mary to others, because there are no closed doors when She leads and miracles can happen when She intercedes. Therefore, do not let this opportunity pass of being the "little feet" the Blessed Mother needs to reach unimaginable places.

We, who are beginning to live, invite you to join us in the upcoming workshops and to also receive your Pilgrim MTA, not only because we are needed to approach our brothers and sisters; rather, because we are also enriched and our ideals are elevated more and more. May our flight be the flight of the eagle that is always striving to fly even higher?

During the Mass when we received the Pilgrim MTA, we prayed a prayer we wrote that expressed what each one of us wanted to accomplish by carrying out this Campaign. We wanted to share this prayer so that it may also awaken the same desire in other hearts.

"Beloved Mother:
From your Shrine we commit ourselves to be disciple-missionaries, to forge your Kingdom, united to the heroism and humility of John Pozzobon, we want to be hearts for the world. We are your instruments! Show us the way to reach the hearts of those you want to conquer.
Mother, you are the GREAT MISSIONARY, work your miracle of love in us".

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA, amj


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