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 published: 2007-04-24

Twenty candles, twenty rosaries

One thousand Hail Mary in the Providence House, Montevideo, on Divine Mercy Day


Mil Ave Maria en la Casa Providencia en Montevideo, Uruguay

Thousand Hail Mary in House “Providencia” in Montevideo, Uruguay

Tausend Ave Maria in Haus “Providencia” in Montevideo, Uruguay




Im Gebet verbunden…


Participaron muchos laicos de la Campaña y de las ramas

Many people from the Campaign and the branches participated

Viele Laien aus der Kampagne und den Gliederungen waren dabei

Fotos: Juanca Vera © 2007


URUGUAY, Nené Paullier. On Sunday, April 15th the Sunday of Divine Mercy the prayer of the 1,000 Hail Marys was organized in the Providence House of the Schoenstatt Movement in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was a day of prayer and devotion; this is done once in a while for different intentions, this time it was related to the celebrations of the Holy Father’s birthday and the Sunday of Divine Mercy, feastday decreed by late John Paul II some years ago.

At 3:00 p.m. the prayers of the "Coronilla" (a couple of prayers) were said in front of the pictures of the Divine Mercy and of the Blessed Mother. They placed twenty while candles in front of the picture of the Blessed Mother, and they hung a white rosary on each one of them; as the rosary was prayed, a candle was lighted and the rosary was placed on a small picture of the Blessed Mother, until all of the candles were lighted and the Blessed Mother was crowned with 20 white rosaries.

Attendance was good, members of the Family Council, the Mothers’ Branch, the Rosary Campaign, the Family Work, the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth participated as well as other people, among them, Juanca Vera, a novice of the Schoenstatt Fathers from Paraguay, who is carrying out his work practical in this country of the first daughter shrine.

Longing for the Shrine in Montevideo

The Providence House is in Montevideo, close to the airport, in the residential neighborhood of Carrasco, above a lake. Masses and meetings are held here and it is also the office for the Movement. It is a beautiful building which is loaned, but it is difficult to reach. For this reason, they are praying and asking for a Shrine in a more central place and that would be easily accessible to everyone…


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