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 published: 2007-03-13

From babies to adolescents

A splendid Family Weekend in Mulgoa, Australia


„Family Weekend“ en Mulgoa, Australia

„Family Weekend“ in Mulgoa, Australia

“Family Weekend” in Mulgoa, Australien



Conferencista: Hna. Isabell Naumann

Speaker: Sister Isabell Naumann

Referentin: Schw. Isabell Naumann


Padre, ¡tus hijos te aman!

Father, here we are, your children!

Herr Pater, du bist mittendrin!





Fotos: P. Marcelo Aravena © 2007




AUSTRALIA, Father Marcelo Aravena. The Family Weekend was held in the Joseph Kentenich Retreat House in Mulgoa with the motto "Living our faith here and now ". It was a splendid weekend where 15 couples and their 38 children, from babies to adolescents, enjoyed the Shrine, conferences, games and useful experiences for daily life.

The main conference " Believing – in our world today ", under the direction of Sister Isabel Naumann, gave them a pause for reflection and for their group work. We know that our families are called to live their faith in a world that many times is hostile and indifferent to the values of the Gospel. This is a great demand every day, but with a faith that is alive and with practical faith in Divine Providence everything is easier and it has more meaning. The heavy burden of life is easier if it is shared within the family and if it is deeply anchored in the heart of God the Father.

An impulse of life and spirituality

The program for the children and adolescents was under the direction of a loyal and effective group of helpers. Entertainment was important for them, but so was the encounter with the Shrine and with Father Kentenich. The natural surroundings of Mount Schoenstatt are ideal for children and youth and it helps them to discover God in his creation and in the abundant nature at the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

The coordination of Sister Elizabeth Foley accomplished the objective of giving the families an impulse of life and spirituality. The prayers, exchange and the mutual support were the main aspects of a fruitful weekend close to the Shrine.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, Texas, USA

Schoenstatt in Australia

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