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 published: 2007-03-23

At every moment we proclaim:  She is the great missionary, She will work miracles!

March 18th at Schoenstatt, marked by the encounter of the representatives of the Campaign in Europe


Agradecimiento, pedidos, alegrías, dolor: Quema del capital de gracias el 18 de marzo en Schoenstatt

Gratitude, petitions, joys, pain: The contributions to capital of grace are symbolically consumed by the flames

Dank, Bitten, Freude, Sorgen, Opfer werden am 18. März in Schönstatt symbolisch ins Feuer gegeben als Beitrag zum Gnadenkapital


El Santuario Original, 18 de marzo, durante un momento de sol

The Original Shrine in the sunlight, March 18

Das Urheiligtum in einer der wenigen sonnigen Stunden des Bündnistages


Misioneros de Suiza en la capilla de la Casa Marienau: Huellas de Don Joao y de la Campaña

Missionaries from Switzerland in the Marienau House Chapel: following the trail of John Pozzobon and the Campaign

Missionare aus der Schweiz auf Spurensuche in der Hauskapelle der Marienau


Consacración de misioneros de Croacia en el Santuario Original

Consecration of misisonaries from Croatia in the Original Shrine

Weihe von Missionaren aus Kroatien im Urheiligtum


Imagenes de la Virgen Peregrina en el Santuario Original

Pilgrim MTA’s in the Original Shrine

Bilder der Pilgernden Gottesmutter im Urheiligtum


P. Guiseppe, de Palermo, y Calogero Tuzzolino, de Marineo, Sicilia

Fr. Giuseppe, from Palermo, and Calogero Tuzzolino, from Marineo, Sicily

Fr. Giuseppe aus Palermo und Calogero Tuzzolino aus Marineo, Sizilien


Miti y Rui Pestana con la Hna. Nadia, Portugal

Miti and Rui Pestana with Sr. Nadia, Portugal

Miti und Rui Pestana mit Schw. Nadia, Portugal

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2007


SCHOENSTATT, MKF.  In the middle of Lent, on the Sunday in which the Gospel reminds of the passage of the prodigal son or the merciful father, a new 18th was celebrated in the Shrines and wayside shrines of the whole world, sealing or renewing the Covenant of Love once more in all the continents of the world. There were a few hours of sunshine during the afternoon in Schoenstatt following the rainy and strong winds.  Everyone was able to walk -without umbrellas -to the Pilgrims' Church to participate in the Covenant Mass, just like every 18th.  It was the close of a very busy week, with journeys for mothers, couples, and university students, visits by pilgrims from Chile and Brazil, and an encounter of the representatives of the Rosary Campaign from European countries where the campaign has recently been established.

During the Covenant Mass, the 10th Anniversary of "Project Pilgrim Shrine" was celebrated. This is the name the German Sisters of Mary  used when they assumed the work with the Campaign 10 years ago, although the first Pilgrim MTAs arrived to Germany from Argentina and Paraguay, in 1985 and 1986.  (This does not include the two Pilgrim MTA's sent by John Pozzobon in 1968.)

Although the encounter ended at noon, several representatives of the European Campaign were present in the Covenant Mass, each one contributing the original richness of his or her own country, as well as their own Schoenstatt history and Campaign history.  The missionaries from Sicily brought their founder spirit, the contagious enthusiasm of first love and a strong desire to conquer an Auxiliary for Italy. The missionaries from Switzerland, who are from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru…with a deep love for John Pozzobon, offered the fruit of a visit to Santa Maria. The Portuguese displayed their commitment for the unborn; the Croatians with a Schoenstatt experience founded through the Campaign. 

Many congregated in the Covenant Mass to praise and to thank God and the Blessed Mother, and later they walked in procession towards the Original Shrine to deposit their mission, their contributions to the Capital of Grace, their petitions and desires, along with all the "regulars" who attend the Covenant Mass.

During his homily, Father Lothar Penners stressed the diversity of the life emerging around the Campaign in the European countries, and the desire of wanting to work together for the new evangelization of Europe.

After the renewal of the Covenant in the Original Shrine, united with the missionaries of the Campaign from the entire world and all the Schoenstatt Family, the celebration ended close to the fire. There were songs from Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Spain. After living in Venezuela for four years, on this night, the Blummers expressed their gratitude for the work that was developed in the name of Schoenstatt in that country, placing the newly formed Schoenstatt Family of Venezuela in the heart of the MTA.

"It is beautiful to see our beloved Shrine full of Pilgrim MTAs and to know that the Campaign is in so many countries", writes Liliana Campisi from Córdoba, Argentina.  "John Pozzobon's pilgrimage from heaven does not stop. He continues close to us, the missionaries of the entire world".  His words are an echo of what John assured us so many times, also leaving it written in his testament:  "I will continue with you, revealing the beauty and grandeur of God".

Following John's footsteps in Schoenstatt

Columbian Marcela Roulin, a missionary of the Campaign in Switzerland, along with a friend from Ecuador and a friend from Peru, accompanied the representatives from Switzerland to Schoenstatt. They experienced the blessing of spending some days at the source of origin which none of them knew.  For Marcela, the encounter of the Campaign in Santa Maria in 2004, for the celebration of John's 100th Anniversary, was a key experience.  Before, she said, she took the Pilgrim MTA to others for affection to Mary, but she did not understand anything about Schoenstatt.  In Santa Maria - where she attended as a representative of the Campaign of Switzerland - she received "the grace of Holy Mary", the grace of  growing in affection for John, of falling in love with Tabor Shrine and of understanding the Campaign with her heart.

Now Marcela reads everything she finds about the Campaign, and she speaks enthusiastically and with contagious conviction about this mission and John, who began it.  Joyfully, the three followed "John's footsteps" in Schoenstatt, visiting the places that he traveled through on his visit in the year 1979:  the Original Shrine, Father's tomb, House Sonnenau, and  Marienau, where "Father's Pilgrim MTA" usually stays (this time it had gone on pilgrimage to the encounter), and the chapel in Marienau, where since 1985 - during Father's centennial - Pilgrim MTAs departed to several countries of the world through the initiative of Father Esteban Uriburu.  "We must take the Pilgrim MTA wherever she wants to go", Marcela affirmed.  "She works miracles".

I only want to be in the Original Shrine and at Father's tomb

The Thursday before, María Martin arrived from Buenos Aires, after visiting some relatives who, because of their work, live in Japan.  "I do not need a tour or an explanation", she said, "I have known Schoenstatt for many years, since Father Esteban began to convoke families.  I only want to be in the Original Shrine, at Father's tomb, and to pray and to express gratitude!"

Four weeks after Sister Lisann's death, testimonies and messages of condolences continue to arrive through the virtual book as well as via email.  On April 9th, the Monday after Easter (a holiday in Germany), a Holy Mass will be celebrated in her memory in the Pilgrims Church at 10:30 a.m. with the express petition that the magnificent work that she carried out in Sonnenau characterized by her selfless service and maternal care for everyone will continue.  Condolence book

A few days before the 18th, Cliver Beltramo, a taxi driver and missionary in Buenos Aires asked for prayers for Paula Dyamburu, a doctor at Austral Hospital, a young lady of 30 or 31 years of age, who had an accident precisely on her birthday as she left her medical office to go to meet some friends.

"It is not known how the accident occurred, but it was on the television news very frequently, showing her red auto, which was crushed by a truck.  She has been in a coma since the time of the accident. Let us pray together to Father, on his feast day, so that we will obtain this miracle…" Cliver asked.  Many united to pray…And on the 19th, Father's Feast Day, Susana, an aunt of one of Paula's friends, wrote:  "A thousand thanks for your prayers!!!! A thousand thanks for such sensitivity!!! It is with great joy that I tell you that today, Monday, the 19th, Paul is incredibly well.  It is truly a miracle. Each scan, each examination surprised the doctors. No one can believe that after such an impact there are no broken bones. As of Friday, her condition was up-graded and at this time she is delirious, but according to the doctors she will recuperate without after effects.  Besides such a speedy recovery, with the faith we have, we know that she will quickly recover from her present condition.  THANKS!!! THANKS!!!  TO EVERYONE THANKS, THANKS TO GOD AND TO THE BLESSED MOTHER, AND TO ALL WHO HELPED US, all the faith together is working this miracle"

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA /Judy Harlowe, Milwaukee, WI, USA



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