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 published: 2006-12-28

A proposal for conversation about Father Kentenich

A journey of Schoenstatt formation for the Latin American clergy


Sacerdotes schoenstattianos de Perú en el Santuario de La Molina, Lima

Schoenstatt priests from Peru in the Shrine in La Molina, Lima

Schönstatt-Priester aus Peru im Heiligtum von La Molina, Lima


P. Jose Luis Correa con amigos de Perú

Fr. Jose Luis Correa with friends from Perú

P. Jose Luis Correa mit Freunden aus Peru

Fotos: Espinoza © 2006


Cientos de sacerdotes – como aqui en Goya, Argentina – trabajan para la Campaña de Rosario

Hundreds of priests – like here in Goya, Argentina – are working in the Rosary Campaign

Hunderte von Priestern – wie hier in Goya, Argentinien – arbeiten in der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter

Foto: Petiti © 2006


Santuario de La Molina, Lima

Shrine in La Molina, Lima

Heiligtum in La Molina, Lima

Foto: Huapaya © 2006




PERU, Tomás Garzón. Priests from South American and the Caribbean and beyond will have the chance of learning about the fundamental ideas of Schoenstatt in depth, that is to say, about its pedagogy and spirituality. Father Humberto Anwandter will be in charge of presenting a program that is as complete as it is daring, that includes all and each one of the basic subjects presented by Father Kentenich in his retreats for priests. Regardless of the level of contact with Schoenstatt, the purpose is to learn a proven pastoral system. This journey will take place in Lurín, Lima on the 29th to 31st of January 2007.

The Shrine of Bellavista, Childe has successfully provided these journeys for the priests of the diocesan clergy. Some priests from the Andes countries – Perú, Colombia and Ecuador – have participated in the last two journeys, for this reason Lima will host the activity for the first time in January. This will reduce the cost of the journey and will make participation easier. The place chosen for the journey is the Carmelite Retreat House, in Huertos de Villena, Lurín.

Historically, one of the best ways for Schoenstatt to grow, not only in breadth rather in quality, has been the work with and from each diocese. For this reason, the diocesan clergy will be offered the thinking and the ideas of Father Kentenich in its purest form, which is an important tool. Those who knew him, know better than anyone, that this where all the richness that Schoenstatt has to offer the Church lies. One of these is Father Humberto Atwander, who presents a program that is identical to the ones that Father Kentenich preached during his famous retreats during the decades of 1920 and 1930 in Germany.

At the same time, the journey wants to provide mutual enrichment for Schoenstatt and the diocesan clergy. The Kentenich pedagogy consists of a pastoral system that is proven by almost hundred years of work in five continents. Any pastor can work with the Schoenstatt ascetic tools: the Spiritual Schedule, the Particular Examination, Personal Ideal – or they can opt for the road to sanctity through the Covenant of Love with Mary.

Subjects that will be presented at the journey:

  • Schoenstatt spirituality
    • The Covenant of Love with Mary
    • Marian Instrument Piety
    • Everyday Sanctity
  • Practical faith in Divine Providence
    • Voices of the soul, of being and of time
    • Law of the open door and the creative result
    • Meditation of life
  • Schoenstatt pedagogy
    • The 3 principles that orient
    • The 2 fundamental pillars of the Schoenstatt "pedagogical system"
    • Ideal Pedagogy
      • Personal Ideal
      • Particular Examination or special resolution
      • Spiritual Schedule
    • Pedagogy of attachments
    • The Schoenstatt pedagogical tactic and method
      • Pedagogy of the movement
      • Pedagogy of confidence
      • Pedagogy of freedom
  • The spiritual accompaniment of Schoenstatt

The laity can also participate!

To spread an initiative such as this is not only the task of the priests. The laity, are fundamental protagonists in the life of each dioceses, and they can do much to make Schoenstatt grow in the parish. The formation and the time for exchange that will be provided in this journey will be a great opportunity for priests, so pay attention! There are those who pray the prayers in Heavenwards without knowing about Schoenstatt; other priests have contact with the Rosary Campaign; there are even some priests who have read about Father Kentenich, but they have not had the opportunity of being formed in his pastoral method. All of them are ideal candidates to receive an invitation for the journey in Lima.

Where: Carmelite Retreat House
Huertos de Villena, Lurín,
Los Fresnos Street, Block "E", Lot 18’
Telephone: 430 0885
Cost: Room and Board: 60U$S

Open to all priests. Conference language is Spanish.

Registration: Father José Antonio Arbulú: 429391 – 9928577 /

Information: Father José Luis Correa Lira: /
For more information

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen/TX, USA



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