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 published: 2006-12-28

Generation of the Covenant of Love – Farewell gift and a guarantee

Klaus M. Rosenits hands over his post as director of the youth house to Thomas Butz after more than 20 years


Cambios en la JM de Alemania y la Casa de la JM: Dietger M. Kuller, Rainer Gotter, Thomas M. Butz, P. Lothar Herter, Klaus M. Rosenits (de izq.)

Changes in the Boys’ Youth in Germany  and the House of the Boys’ Youth in Schoenstatt: Dietger M. Kuller, Rainer Gotter, Thomas M. Butz, P. Lothar Herter, Klaus M. Rosenits (from left)

Wechsel in der SMJ Deutschland und im Jugendzentrum: Dietger M. Kuller, Rainer Gotter, Thomas M. Butz, P. Lothar Herter, Klaus M. Rosenits


Bendición del vino de San Juan

Blessing of the St. John’s wine

Segnung des Johannesweins


Klaus M. Rosenits, deje su puesto como director de la Casa de la JM

Klaus M. Rosenits, leaving as director of the Youth Center

Klaus M. Rosenits, scheidender Leiter des JZM


Entrega de la llave…

Presenting of the key…



… a Thomas M. Butz Thomas M. Butz

…an Thomas M. Butz


Thomas M. Butz: invitación a contribuir

Thomas M. Butz: invitation to contribuye

Thomas  M. Butz: Einladung zum Mitgestalten

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2006


SCHOENSTATT, Mkf. When someone leaves the management of a house after 21 years of service, and even more, when this house is a youth center, we are truly witnessing the end of an era. Klaus M. Rosenits has actively participated with the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth (SBY) since 1969 and he shared with many generations of youth as the director of the youth center in Marienberg since 1985, accompanying them in many rich experiences. Last December 27th, he was given a warm farewell within the framework of the annual SBY conference; Dietger M. Kuller, Superior General of the Institute of Brothers of Mary, who was also handing over his task of many years as lay adviser of the SBY to Rainer M. Gotter, symbolically presented Thomas M. Butz with the "golden key" as the new leader of this beautiful task as director of the youth center.

Exquisite drinks, gleaming cups, elegant suits, candles, a festive atmosphere in the main square of the house at Marienberg…such a celebration on the first day of the annual conference was not only because of the blessing of the Sanit John wine after Mass, it was also the end of an era, the era of Klaus Rosenits; at the the same time Dietger M. Kuller bids farewell as the lay adviser of the SBY, because this year he was named as Superior General by the General Chapter of his community.

After a bible reading (in which part of the Bible do we find instructions of how to enjoy wine without feeling guilty?), at the blessing of the Saint John wine and with some introductory words, Father Lothar Herter, the priest adviser of the SBY, expressed his gratitude for the task that Dietger M. Kuller has carried out until now. He has carried out his activity in the SBY for many, many years, with a special strategic ability and organizational certainty, but also with a profound intention in his heart: to make the Covenant of Love with Mary take root in the hearts of the young men. His conviction was, that if this was accomplished, then the youth would grow on its own. What a beautiful farewell gift to be able to present the Blessed Mother with the motto that was formed by the SBY of Germany after the WYD encounter with the Pope: "Generation of the Covenant of Love, a motto, that is at the same time, is an invaluable treasure and guarantee for his successor, Rainer M. Gotter.

"The tasks at the youth center in Marienberg have always been a joy for me"

"One cannot imagine the youth center without Mr. Klaus Rosentis", affirmed Father Herter, after being in charge for so many years, and who now at 63 years of age is not retiring, rather he is assuming new tasks within the community of the Brothers of Mary. Without saying much, he directed the youth center in a very careful and responsible manner". You did it all for the SBY, for the youth, for everyone who has arrived here so that they would feel very comfortable and at home", said Father Herter, summarizing his task. Rosenits on his part mentioned "my intention was always to be available for the youth." This task brought me many joys, although it was also a very demanding task" – to finish building the youth center, to direct it, and to keep it well maintained. "To spend time with the youth and to share with them has kept me young –he said – even though it requires much patience and nerves of steel. To work with them was always a desire and a profound intention for me." He presented the gold key that he received from the architect, who led the construction, some 21 years ago to his Superior General, Mr. Kuller, in a festive manner, who expressed his gratitude to Rosenits for all the initiatives he took to maintain the house like new and to maintain it financially active with other groups that also irradiated a beautiful and broader apostolic work.

Dietger Kuller presented this key to Thomas M. Butz, who after working for 10 years in industry, now assumes the leadership of this youth center.

Rooting oneself through a joint effort

Thomas M. Butz mentioned that the decision to leave the automobile industry and the development of tail lights to assume the management of the house was not easy, but now he would also have a channel to the attachment that united him to the house since he supported some of its works in 1984. To root oneself through a joint effort is the invitation that he, as the new leader of the house wants to extend to the youth. To form things together and to make them with our own hands, creates bonds, so that one can say more and more: this is our house, we not visiting rather we are at home."

The beloved Rosenits ended the annual conference with great acclaim; Father Herter thanked Thomas Butz for his willingness to serve, and he again raised his cup toasting the Generation of the Covenant of Love – A farewell gift and an great guarantee for a new beginning.

Translation Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA


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