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 published: 2006-11-21

From your Shrine, hope for the Church and the world

Covenant of Love for missionaries and the commemoration of Father Kentenich’s birth in Tucumán


18 de noviembre: Bendición del memorial Padre José Kentenich en Tucumán

November 18: Blessing of the Father Joseph Kentenich memorial in Tucumán

18.  November: Segnung des Pater Kentenich Memorials in Tucumán


Homenaje  de la familia

Homage of the family

Dank der Familia


El nuevo memorial

The new memorial

Das neue Memorial


Alianza de Amor

Covenant of Love



Un momento emotivo

A moving experience

Ein bewegendes Gnadenerlebnis

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ARGENTINA, SILVIA Losada. There were several reasons to celebrate on November 18th at the Shrine of Tucumán: new Covenants of Love and the blessing of the Father Kentenich memorial.

The walls of the Shrine seemed to widen to shelter the 54 missionaries and mothers, who sealed the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, and the relatives and friends that accompanied them. What better birthday present for the Founder than the new allies, who are committed with the mission! With candles on high they responded to the commitment that Father Daniel Nieva, chaplain of the Shrine, proposed. Deeply touched, each one of them silently read their personal prayers, in an exchange of hearts with the Blessed Mother. Sister Pilar sang "Mary of the Covenant" as background music.

The Nothing without you, nothing without us was present. From this time forward, the mission of these 54 missionaries and mothers will be fortified and inflamed by that light that they held in their hands. With the Pilgrim MTA and the rosary, they will follow the footsteps of Joao Pozzobon, initiator of the Rosary Campaign.

May that light of the Covenant of Love that they lighted on November 18th never go out in the hearts of these new allies and may they know how to transmit it through their mission.

Blessing of the Father Joseph Kentenich memorial

After the covenant ceremony, a cherished dream that the Schoenstatt Family of Tucumán has had for a long time was fulfilled precisely on Father Kentenich’s birthday: It was the blessing of a memorial with the photo of Father Kentenich.

Through the initiative of the Father Kentenich Center, supported by all the family, they chose the land, on the grounds of the Shrine, and they began to conquer it with contributions to the Capital of Grace and material contributions. Two tall palm trees guard and give shade to this place of encounter with Father Kentenich. From now on, it will be a place for reflection and encounter where they will share all they want to tell him and to repose in his paternal and affectionate memory.

"The blessing of the Father Memorial in our Shrine was celebrated under heavy rain, but this did not discourage us", commented Silvina Amaral, of the Family Federation. "Sister Pilar who spoke to us said that Father would say that rain was a blessing; therefore, today he has given us his blessing. Many were present in spite of the weather; we all wanted to be there. Furthermore, there were covenants that culminated with a Mass and then as with all birthdays there was something to eat and we continued to celebrate.

"The thought came to me that I imagined and felt that the Blessed Mother, along with Father Joseph, were showering us with abundant graces at this time", and we were penetrated us with them in order to continue to make the national mission: With Mary, Family of the Father, stronger and in unity", Silvia Losada commented.

After everyone participated in the celebration of the Holy Mass, they sang Happy Birthday to Father Kentenich. Everyone wanted to be present and to say together:

Father, we go with you
Our hearts in your heart,
Our thoughts in your thoughts,
Our hands in your hand.
Father, your inheritance is our mission.
From your Shrine, hope for the Church and the world.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA

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