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 published: 2006-11-28

"With you, Mary, the star advances" Mission Colombia 2007

Schoenstatt Missionaries from Chile fortify the Schoenstatt Movement in Colombia


Santuario de Armenia, Colombia

Shrine in Armenia, Colombia

Heiligtum in Armenia, Kolumbien


Logo del Congreso de la Juventud

Logo of the Youth Congreso

Logo des Jugendkongresses


Logo de la Misión 2007

Logo of the Mission 2007

Logo der Mission 2007


Parte del grupo de misioneros

Part of the group of missionaries

Teil der Gruppe der Schönstatt-Missionare

Fotos: Mery Rodriguez © 2006




COLOMBIA, Silvia Alejandra Mery Rodríquez. It seems that each day the Blessed Mother is in more of a hurry to found her Schoenstatt Kingdom in Colombia. Proof of this is that for the next mission that will be held in January, 8 missionaries will travel from the city of Santiago, Chile, to work with all the branches in the country. The 1st National Youth Congress will then also take place in the shadow of the first national shrine, the Shrine of New Bethlehem, in Armenia-Quindío.

A great mission from Santiago, Chile brings with it an immense task to accomplish, to bring Colombia closer to Schoenstatt. Eight missionaries have started this work, willing to risk everything for Mary, the Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt, who mercifully wants to establish herself on Colombian soil. The light of the Holy Spirit arrived some years ago and illuminated the minds of a few allowing them to see the proposal of the Blessed Mother of wanting to bring new hearts that beat for her with desire, to the point of generating firm commitments that forge a heroic feeling of founding.

First Schoenstatt Youth Congress

"With you Mary, the star advances" was the motto chosen for this mission, which has great meaning for this work that is being undertaken, because the mission comes from the Shrine of New Bethlehem, whose symbol is the star, which has always represented the most holy Mary. She is the guide and she illuminates the way; therefore, she wants to irradiate her beauty in Colombia. But she cannot do it alone, the Nothing without You, nothing without us takes its strength in the midst of all this, and instruments have been chosen to continue the path that was marked for the great work that awaits them.

The schedule for the much awaited visit will begin with the 1st Schoenstatt Youth Congress in Armenia –Quindío, a place that is also known as the coffee center. As its name indicates, it forms part of the center of the country that is surrounded by immense coffee plantations and haciendas dedicated to making this product that makes Colombia known outside of the country, coffee. In the middle of this panorama the Schoenstatt Youth expects to welcome more or less 100 youth (girls and boys) at the house of the Shrine with the task of "infecting" them with the spirit of founding that is beginning to spread throughout the Schoenstatt Family of the country. With the motto "With you Mary, a new youth advances" it is hoped that a great advance with Mary can be made through the Colombian lands.

In an alternate way the message will also be carried out throughout the coffee region with the Pilgrim MTA, since this is one of the objectives of this congress, without omitting what will be in the hearts of those attending to form this new youth searching for what Father Kentenich wanted: "the new man, in a new community".

Cauca, Cali, Medellin

Once this event has finished, all signs indicate that there will be a good response from the youth, the missionaries will advance to the west, to the Valley of Cauca, the region of the ingenious sugar growers, brown sugar and sugar cane, where the conquest will continue, this time introducing the delegation from Chile to the branches that are already integrated through a representative from each branch, so that more direct work can be done according to their place in the Movement. In Cali there is the Parish dedicated to the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA; therefore, it will be a broader field of action with the community in general, which helps to carry out journeys of deepening to continue advancing in formation. However, the work for the missionaries does not end here, they should continue to travel and this is where they will go more to the west reaching Medellín, a city that will welcome them with open arms and also awaits the teachings that will be transmitted to them.

The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign has even reached the Colombian Caribbean

The news at the end of this report is that the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign has even reached the Colombian Caribbean, specifically Santa Marta, located in the Department of Magdalena, rich in marine vegetation. There the Chilean misionariesn will follow a new star that will guide them to the Parish Mary Star of the Sea where the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt is established with her picture in one of its naves. So the Blessed Mother has given this group an extra task: to continue extending the Movement to the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Finally, it will be the turn for the capital of the Republic, one of the most developed places for Schoenstatt in the country, it is the largest by territory, so there is a greater number of people who belong to the Movement; therefore, there are more open hearts, who are in unison with all this mission that requires great logistics so that it will have a happy ending.

Colombia is waiting for this group of people with inflamed hearts, they appreciate all the work that this mission implies and it is committed and certain that the field will be sown and that it will give fertile fruit, but at the same time, it offers Chile the conviction that this field will be open, prepared and willing to receive the seed.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA

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