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 published: 2006-11-28

Celebrating roots

"Tea with Founders" in San Isidro


„Té de fundadores“ en San Isidro, Argentina

“Founders’ Tea” at San Isidro, Argentina

“Gründer-Nachmittag” in San Isidro, Argentinien


Se invitaron a la generación fundadora del Santuario

The founding generation of the Shrine was invited

Die Generation, die das Heiligtum gebaut hat, war eingeladen


Cuentan de las aventuras y alegrías de la primera hora...

Shraing the adventures and joys of the beginning...

Abenteuer und Freuden der Anfangszeit…


¿Cuenta Bibiana del viaje a la bendición del Santuario de Paraná?

Is Bibiana sharing about the tour to the blessing of the Shrine in Parana?

Erzählt Bibiana hier von der Tour zur Einweihung des Heiligtums in Parana?


Un intercambio feliz

A joyful encounter

Ein fröhlicher Austausch


Organizadores de la generación eslabón

Organizers of the link generation

Organisatorinnen aus der “Bindeglied-Generation”

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ARGENTINA, Graciela Cristóbal. The Schoenstatt Family in San Isidro, Argentina have celebrated Father Kentenich’s birthday in a different way, by honoring the pioneers of the Shrine. After the One Thousand Hail Mary they gathered in the multi- purpose room to listen to everything that was experienced during the founding era. The younger ones laughed at the anecdotes and they saw how the Schoenstatters enjoyed the founding era, by telling about their experiences.

It is said that Schoenstatt is "Family". And we lived some very special moments as a family on the occasion of recalling the Founding Father’s birthday. On November 18th, they gathered as members of a large family with the generation of founders in the multi-purpose room at tea time, to fully share the life that is given in abundance.

Those attending…sharing anecdotes: Bibian Uranga, Chicky Pollitzer, Chiche Recondo, Beatriz Loureiro, Marta Ramos, Teresa Walker, Patricia and Horacio Del Oca, Juan Carlos Ottlenghi ( his spouse, Monica, was babysitting a grandchild), Leonor Fernández, María Saravia, Carmen Schweizer, Pablo and Gloria Orloff, Ángeles Iribarren, Tareka Saravia, Irma and Juan Carlos Cohen, Isabel and Marcos Fiorito.

Each anecdote, each desire, each giving of self…

They recalled the first leader of the Mothers’ Branch, Teresa Devoto, and they also remembered those who could not participate for various reasons. Those who had the opportunity of listening to them were happy to see the gleam in their eyes because of the gathering, recalling each anecdote, each desire, and each giving of self, at the time when everything was a project, when they did not have land, or a Shrine. It was only prayer, filial confidence and inflamed hearts on a mission. At the end all that was left to say was: "Thank you to everyone! For allowing us to go into this history, thanks for making it possible that today you form part of us and of all the Family of San Isidro. We want to look at the past with gratitude and to live the present with passion and with much "victorious" hope for the future saying" Mother, Nothing without You, Nothing without us! As Schoenstatt children we are sure that everything is possible in the strength of the Covenant. We are the "link generation"! We are the ones who will continue to make this history present!

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA


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