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 published: 2006-10-27

The Holy Spirit Symbol’s presentation in public

October day and Crowning 2006 in Scotland


El símbolo del Espiritu Santo para el Santuario de Escocia

The Holy Spirit symbol for the Shrine in Scotland

Das Heilig-Geist-Symbol für das Heiligtum in Schottland


El simbolo durante la jornada del 18 de cotubre

The symbol at the October Day

Das Symbol beim Oktobertag


El Cardenal O’Brien en Campsie Glen

Cardinal O’Brien at Campsie Glen

Kardinal O’Brien in Campsie Glen


Encuentro con las familias

Encounter with the families

Begegnung mit den Familien


Rama de madres

Mothers’ Group


Fotos: Savage © 2006




SCOTLAND, Fr. Michael Savage. It was four seasons in one day with mists, rain and bursts of brilliant autumnal sunshine. Members of the Schoenstatt Movement gathered on Saturday 21st October for their own little October day. The talks and the presentations recalled the impressions and memories of the pilgrimage to Milwaukee in May.

Although only 12 representatives could make the trip, in spirit many more people accompanied us in prayer and also by following the daily reports on the Scottish website. Our October day was a chance to reflect more deeply on the meaning of the pilgrimage and Father Kentenich’s exile for the whole Scottish family. The first Schoenstatt sister came to Scotland in 1962 while he was still in Milwaukee so the Scottish family is in a real way a product of Father’s exile.

The long awaited Holy Spirit Symbol for the Scottish shrine also made it’s first appearance at the conference. It is a simple white dove carved from a single piece of wood mounted on a brass plate engraved with Celtic spiral patterns. It took it’s place in the conference display and will soon be sent out on a pilgrimage of it’s own round the different groups, individuals and Schoenstatt centres. All being well the symbol will take it’s place in the Shrine at the October celebrations next year.

October Crowning with Cardinal O’Brien

On the following Sunday 22nd October the many friends, pilgrims and other members of Schoenstatt Scotland gathered for the annual crowning mass. There is always a good attendance at this celebration yet this year expectations were surpassed as the hall was filled to capacity with people standing in any and every available space. Cardinal O’Brien was as usual the main concelebrant. He spoke of the simplicity and ordinariness of Mary yet the extraordinary depth of Spirit and Grace of God which was present within her. At the end of mass the crown was carried in procession out to the shrine where the MTA picture was crowned.

Taken from the Website of the Schoenstatt Family in Scotland, with permission.

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