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 published: 2006-10-31

She would light up when telling you all about Schoenstatt or her home shrine

Remembering Mae Wacker of the Pioneer Couples in Milwaukee


Mae Wacker, del grupo pionero de matrimonios en Milwaukee, falleció el 20 de octubre

Mae Wacker, of the Pioneer couples in Milwaukee, died October 20

Mae Wacker aus der Gruppe der Pioneer Couples in Milwaukee, starb am 20. Oktober


Mae Wacker en la celebración del centenario de Gilbert Schimmel

Mae Wacker at the centenary of Gilbert Schimmel

Mae Wacker  bei der Feier zum 100. Geburtstag von Gilbert Schimmel


„El libro de oro“ como torta, contribución de la familia de Mae Wacker en el centenario de Gilbert Schimmel

The Golden Book cake submission for the cake bake off . Made by Mae's family.

Das “Goldene Buch” als Torte. Beitrag von Mae Wacker und Familie zum 100. Geburtstag von Gilbert Schimmel


Rezando el rosario en la tumba de Gilbert Schimmel

Mae Wacker leading the rosary at the Schimmel grave.

Mae Wacker betet den Rosenkranz vor, am Grab von Gilbert Schimmel

Fotos: Jentz © 2006




USA, Chrsti Jentz/Sandy Baum. Mae Wacker, a well known Schoenstatt pioneer from the United States, part of the founding generation, passed away on October 20, 2006 at the age of 97. Long time caregiver and friend, Sandy Baum, shares her thoughts about Mae and what she meant to those in the Schoenstatt family who knew her.

I was thinking what I would say about Mae, if someone should ask me about her. I have so much to tell you that I could write a book. An inspiration "popped" into my head on my way to visit the Blessed Sacrament. Our Covenant prayer "My Queen My Mother" would be the perfect way to describe Mae. Mother Thrice Admirable wants us to be her eyes, ears, mouth, and heart, entirely her own. Well, Mae was all of that! She lived her Covenant and gave her self entirely to the Blessed Mother.

And to show her devotion to Mary, Mae gave her eyes

She saw the beauty of the Mother Thrice Admirable and what our Mother could do for us, if only we would ask her- "nothing without you, nothing without us." Mae could see with her eyes some of the vision Father Kentenich had in his mission. And she too wanted to bring it about. Because she envisioned this, Mae was able to be a light that glowed with the love for the Schoenstatt mission.

Her ears

Mae would listen to our pleas for help, or asking for prayers. She would place them in the shrine and give them to the Blessed Mother.

Her mouth

Mae always tried to say what would be helpful to us all. She would say, "Leave it in the Blessed Mother’s hands, and I will pray for them" or "I'll put their name in the Golden Book".

My heart

Mae's heart was united in Jesus and Mary and her heart was open to all. Mae's heart and Father Kentenich’s heart were united in the Schoenstatt mission. Mae wanted to do her tiny part and the rest she put in the Blessed Mother's hands. And she would take perfect care. Mae believed it with all her heart.

The Ver Sacrum Light, Mae’s home shrine symbol

Mae was the light to all in her faith, kindness, thoughtfulness, and her caring ways. She would light up when telling you all about Schoenstatt or her home shrine. She loved to talk about her best friends Gilbert Schimmel and his wife Joanna, who she dearly missed. But most of all, with regard to Gilbert, she believed like Father Kentenich, that one day Gilbert could be a saint. Mae believed in Gilbert's intercession and has promoted him for 43 years. In her final days she assured me that she would continue to pray for the Gilbert Schimmel Guild as well as for all of us when she gets to heaven. During the last year she was happy to take participate in the Gilbert’s hundredth birthday celebration and the Schimmel Guild novena for Gilbert. She chose Sunday for her day to pray the beatification prayer and since everyday was Sunday to Mae, she prayed it daily. She burned so brightly!

On Saturday morning before her stroke, Mae went to church with her friend Geraldine. Geraldine would take Mae to church as often as she could. So Mae could receive her Jesus. Mae usually needed a little assistance while walking down the aisle. But, that day she walked down the aisle all by herself to meet our Lord.

On October 20, 2006, a Day of Thanksgiving in Schoenstatt, 60th anniversary of Father Kentenich crowning the MTA Queen of the Universe, Mae took another walk into eternal life. She is now in His hands for the rest of her journey.

As your own good Mother guard Mae and defend Mae, as your property and possession…

Mother Thrice Admirable has guarded Mae. Truly Mae would agree that "mother takes perfect care." I will always remember Mae and cherish the times I had with her. I remember fondly, her loving and caring concern for my family and me. She would take all of our personal difficulties into her heart and into her home shrine. She would say "I'll put them in the Golden Book", meaning she’d be praying. When she prayed you knew it. Mae always accepted me just the way I was, with all my faults and shortcomings. She loved me. She was everything to me in so many ways. She taught me about life, patience, and prayer.

In the last weeks of her life, she was telling me everyday, "I love you Sandy, and you are so wonderful"… "You look good!"… "I need you". She gave me kisses, prayed with me, sang with me, and just held my hand and being with me. What a gift she was to me and to all of us. I will miss her but, we can all call on her anytime we need her help. She is still a light for us all. I love you Mae and may the Blessed Mother and all the Angels go with you and watch over you. God bless you, you were a joy in my life and will continue to be.

May she now together with Gilbert Schimmel and those of the Pioneer Couples who have been called home to the Father, repeat what Father Kentenich gave this group as a new motto to greet each other:

Patris atque Matris sum nunc et um perpetuum, vivat sanctuarium!

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