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 published: 2006-10-31

From the Shrine, Mother bring the light of love in to our homes

October 18, 2006 Combined celebration of Covenant day at Bangalore in the Shrine of the Sisters


18 de octubre en Bangalore

October 18 in Bangalore

18. Oktober in Bangalore


Renovación de la Alianza de Amor

Covenant Renewal



Encuentro de la Campańa

Meeting of the Campaign

Treffen der Kampagne


Juventud Masculina

Bouys Youth



Santuario de las Hermanas de Maria

Shrine of the Schoenstatt Sisters

Heiligtum der Marienschwestern

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INDIA, Fr. Paulose Chatheli. With the request to Mother Mary: From the Shrine, Mother bring the light of love in to our homes, the Schoenstatt Fathers began the preparation for this years feast. This motto will accompany us throughout the year. In the presence of around 1200 pilgrims from far and wide of Bangalore we celebrated this feast. The presence of a delegation from Kerala Schoenstatt Movement under the leadership of Fr. Johnson Panthapillil added color to our feast. The October 18 covenant day celebration is a combined effort of the Schoenstatt Fathers and Sisters.

In the high Mass presided over by Fr. Paulose Chatheli, eleven priests from different parishes and communities concelebrated. Ten additional priests and good number of religious brothers and sisters took part in the feast day celebration. Fr. Wilson Parekkattil delivered an inspiring sermon on "Family, Values and the Challenges of Family Today". The sermon explained that a healthy family is built on the solid foundation of selflessness. In family we see the sublime form of love, of the selfless giving of husband and wife, parents and children. The challenge for families today is to reject egocentrism and excessive self-love, where there is no place for others. Mother Mary is the uniting force of the family. She brings the light of love and selfless service to the family as she did in the house of Elizabeth. She strengthened the early church with her presence and prayer. We need to invite her into our families and request that she bring the light of love and the joy of Christ.

Bring the light and joy of Christ into the homes

Our students and novices contributed heavily to the success of this covenant day. The choir comprised of students, novices, Schoenstatt youth and aspirants of Sisters, lifted us to heavenly heights through their harmonious songs and music. The beautiful processional throne of the MTA, prepared by our novices, was another attraction on this October 18. The students prepared the back drop curtain with the symbolic representation of the motto. Our beloved regent Sahaya Kumar served as the Master of Ceremonies. Together with the sisters, he put much time into planning and the result was a smoothly flowing liturgical celebration. Fr. Werner Unkel had been the Master of Ceremonies for the previous nine years. He too had prepared the minute details of liturgy along with the other responsibilities. Now Father Unkel is in Rome and from there we felt his spiritual support.

With the following notes Fr. Paulose Chatheli thanked the whole congregation of the faithful. Blessed Mother has accepted the commitment for the world of today. She has taken up the mission, "Through her Christ shall be born again in the midst of our changing times for the image of the church on the newest shore of history." We are partakers in this mission. We are the instruments of the MTA; we are to bring the light of love and joy of Christ into our homes. With the renewal of the covenant in front of the shrine and benediction and Eucharistic blessing the liturgical part was over. A fraternal meal with the sisters in the convent marked the celebration end.

Edited C. Jentz

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