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 published: 2006-08-30

Sharing a special moment with Schoenstatt Youth around the World

The ‘Night of the Shrines’ Down Under


Noche del Santuario en el país de la JMJ 2008 – ¡Australia les espera, juventud del mundo!

Night of the Shrine in the country of WYD 2008 – Australia awaits you, youth of the world!

Nacht des Heiligtums im Land des WJY 2008 – Australien erwartet die Jugend der Welt!


Vigilia en el Santuario de Mulgoa

Vigil in the Shrine of Mulgoa

Vigil im Heiligtum von Mulgoa


Un grupo no grande en número... pero con entusiasmo grande

A group not big in numbers...but with much enthusiasm

Eine zahlenmäßig nicht so große Gruppe... aber voller Begeisterung


Frente del Santuario a „medianoche“ de Schoenstatt

In front of the Shrine at “midnight” Schoenstatt time

Vor dem Heiligtum um “Mitternacht” in Schönstatt


Tu y yo por ellos

You and me for them

Du und ich für sie

Fotos: Magarinas © 2006




AUSTRALIA, Ana and Natalia Magarinos. While a large number of the Schoenstatt youth came together to celebrate the ending of the Schoenstatt Summer in the Original Shrine in Germany, that took place as a continuation of the Schoenstatt Youth Festival of 2005, six girls plus Sr. M. Rebecca came together in Mulgoa, Australia to also celebrate this significant milestone in the history of the Schoenstatt Youth as the first international mass to be held at the same time in all seven continents to complete the ‘Night of the Shrines’.

Due to the time differences between Germany and Australia, the six youth; Katie, Mary Ana, Mikaela, Ana, Natalia and Sr. Rebecca took this opportunity to hold an over-night camp before the official mass for the ’Night of the Shrines’ was to take place, which would be for us, early the following morning. The over-night camp was based on the concept of Modesty, a topic that in essence affects all Christian youth particularly in this consumeristic society that promotes immodesty through not only fashion but in nearly all aspects of propaganda.

Modesty, an issue for contemporary Christian women

A clear definition of what Modesty means to us contemporary Christian women, was clearly established with a variety of words such as self-respect and humility coming to surface quite regularly. Like Sr. Rebecca said, sometimes we as Christians need to unite and swim against the tide that suggests improper and revealing clothing should be accepted as the norms of our society. With that, the beauty and power that women have which increases through our purity, was discussed and the various misleading messages that certain garments might suggest helped to bring insight into various problems that we as young Christian women and men need to tackle and with the help of Our Mother, the true beauty and power of the youth of the world can really be seen. Various techniques on how to make some garments slightly more modest and even more comfortable were also exchanged. Like Mary (from the girls group) wrote with regards to this topic, "in a world were darkness and temptation thrive, there is hope that the next generation to come will continue to follow and fight for Christ" and the purity of our Mother Thrice Admirable..

A candle for each continent

The ‘Night of the Shrines’ the following morning served as a reminder of the international status of the Schoenstatt movement, as it can be easily forgotten in the small community in Mulgoa. For those who had been in Schoenstatt last year, this international mass brought back many fond memories of the opening mass for the Schoenstatt Youth Festival in 2005 where over 40 nations were represented by youth from around the world. As Ana quoted "United in One, United in the Spirit" and that was exactly what they participated in when they had Mass early in the morning, inspiring each other with the knowledge that they were sharing this moment with Schoenstatt youth, renewing the Covenant of Love for the Youth of the world that was made a little over a year ago. Each of the girls took a candle to the altar in the Shrine, each candle representing the seven different continents and as such offering the youth of all these continents to the loving guidance and protection of Our Lady, Mary.. Their hearts were spiritually taken to the Original Shrine to conclude the Schoenstatt Summer where the theme was ‘My Home is your Home’ and they could not have asked our Mother for anything greater than the unconditional graces that She continues to bestow on us, Her youth.

Now they wait in great anticipation to read all the reports from the different countries on how they spent that magnificent moment when they were all united as One, and to exchange the many photos taken on that morning with all the other youth. ’My Home is your Home’!!!

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