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 published: 2006-08-30

Committed with all the nations in the "Night of the Shrine"

Night of the Shrine in Guayaquil, Ecuador


Noche del Santuario en Guayaquil, Ecuador; Grupo: Continente asiático,  dirigido por Isabel, la jefa de la Juventud Femenina

Night of the Shrine in Guayaquil, Ecuador; group “Asian Continent”, lead by Isabel, leader of the Girls’ Youth

Nacht des Heiligtums in Guayaquil, Ecuador; Gruppe “Asien” unter der Leitung von Isabel, der Verantwortlichen der Mädchenjugend


La Chulla y el Padre Pato dando la bienvenida.

Chulla and Father Pato welcoming the youth

Chulla und Pater Patricio bei der Begrüßung


Momentos de mucha alegría

Moments of joy

Es geht fröhlich zu in Guayaquil






Globos para cada continente

Balloons for each continent

Luftballons für jeden Kontinent


Luz en la noche de los tiempos

Light in the night of times

Licht im Dunkel der Zeit

Fotos: Ludhani © 2006

Album de fotos – photo album – Fotoalbum




ECUADOR, Varsha Ludhani Gómez. Schoenstatt also "trembles with emotion" in Guayaquil. The Night of the Shrine was simultaneously celebrated with other countries all over the world in the shadow of the Shrine. The vigil began with an invitation to inflame oneself in the love of Schoenstatt. In order to do this the organizers showed the video of the World Youth Day video of last year, followed by a video with scenes of what the youth from different countries do for Schoenstatt. And of course, there had to be a video of what was done in Guayaquil.

There was much applause and many joyful faces upon being invited to participate in a workshop with the goal to formulate a proposal for the fruitfulness of each continent, so that Christianity will be born there and that it be strengthened. They quickly grouped themselves into continents and the youth of the group responsible for the Asian continent committed themselves to pray the prayer of Confidence for the youth in Asia three times daily.

During the workshop they heard stories about the experiences of the youth in Schoenstatt. "We all felt at home, we never saw anyone that was sad nor angry, everyone always had a smile that made us smile at others. It was intense trip", said Mildred Leal, referring to the World Youth Day of last year. Carlos Luis Ubidia, leader of the Pioneer Branch, continued, "it was incredible, because there were only 15 in our group and you would see thousands jumping. I was always lost, because I was the smallest one. There were impacting things that attracted me".

I gave up going out with my friends during weekend in order to come to Schoenstatt

When the workshop ended, the new ones were very satisfied; they were affected with the feeling of being at home that Schoenstatt offers. They commented: "this is the second time I come here, but I personally gave up going out with my friends on the weekend, since I see them during the week, to come to Schoenstatt". Much joy reigned that night.

In conclusion, Father Patricio celebrated a wonderful Holy Mass, which was the highlight of the night. He invited everyone to commit themselves from the heart: "If our Schoenstatt youth wants to make history, then, ladies and gentlemen, you must commit yourselves! That is the invitation". During the Holy Mass the project of Schoenstatt Summer, that convoked the youth from the entire world, was recalled to unite it to this celebration. He continued by presenting each of the commitments that were made during the workshops for the continents. Father Patricio invited them to renew the Covenant of Love recalling the words of Father Kentenich. The vigil concluded with an act for the commitments that were presented: the youth came close to make their small fingerprint on the balloons of different colors that represented each one of the continents and they released them so that, through the Shrine, they would ascend to heaven.

Translation: Celina M Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA

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