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 published: 2006-07-24

I promise to study hard and to not disappoint you who make it possible for me to study

Children on scholarships from the Dequeni Foundation are grateful to their benefactors


Cartitas de los niños  becados por Dequeni

Letters of thanks written by the children who got  a scholarship via Dequeni

Dankbriefchen von Kindern, die durch Dequeni eine „Schultüte“ bekommen haben


„Mi escuela“

„My school“

„Meine Schule“

Foto: POS Brehm © 2006


La felicidad de poder estudiar

The joy of being able to go to school

Die Freude steht ihnen im Gesicht: sie dürfen lernen


Gracias a ustedes!

Thanks to you all!

Danke Ihnen allen!





PARAGUAY, mkf.  "My name is Nestor.  I was born in J.A. Saldivaar 'Capista' on March 25, 1998.  I am studying at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School.  I am in the third grade.  Thanks to you and to the Dequeni Foundation for having provided my uniform and my backpack filled with utensils.  I am very grateful to you and I promise to study hard and not disappoint you who make it possible for me to study.  I have been the top student since pre-school.  Once again, I thank you very much and hope that some day we will meet.".....written in good handwriting and with the drawing of a brown cat on the back of the page.  That short letter from a Paraguayan boy arrived in Germany for a person who donated 35 Euros which changed the life of Nestor and his little brother, Alcides, and also Crisian, Reinaldo, Diego, Pedro, Carlos, Liz, Rocio, Laura, Felix, Tobias.....

Each boy and girl who received a scholarship at the beginning of the 2006 school year sent a short letter to their sponsor:  a short letter with multicolored drawings, with words of gratitude written lovingly or with great effort from a child in the first grade and with a photo.  "I am very grateful and I promise to study hard and not disappoint you who make it possible for me to study.  Since pre-school, I am the top student."  It was the 35 Euros which made the difference for Nestor who with his eyes gleaming with joy, his short hair, his friendly smile, and his smart uniform instantly conquers the heart.

For Me.....Simply for Me and My Future

It is almost impossible to imagine that child in the street - dirty, tired, cleaning car windshields at stop lights.  It is 35 Euros and the unconditional dedication of the people from Dequeni who saved the destinies of 322,000 children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 (17.7% of the total number of persons in that bracket) in Paraguay who provide economic services  whether they are paid or not.  In four years, the level of children and adolescents who work did not lessen in Paraguay.  But little Nestor does not work.  Nestor can study and his younger brother can also.  "I am Alcides.  My brother, Nestor, wrote this letter for you because I am in the first grade and do not know how to write a letter yet.  I was born in Asuncion on March 10, 1999, and I am seven years old.  I received my school uniform and my backpack filled with school utensils and I am very grateful to you and the Dequeni Foundation.  Only God can reimburse you because thanks to you I am beginning to study with no problems....." A house - two children playing soccer in the yeard - trees and a blue sky can be seen in the drawing made by Alcides.  The youngster, who appears to explode with happiness in the photo, has time to play with his brother, Nestor.....

Let the Children Come to Me

For more than 20 years, the Dequeni Foundation - founded by a group of youths from the Schoenstatt Movement - fights for the rights of children.  The word DEQUENI comes from the syllables taken from the biblical passage from the APOSTLE MARK.  (Let the children come to me, MK 10,14).  For 20 years "we go forward with the commitment and the conviction to secure a more just and united society" and throughout the years it has become an instrument in God's hands so that boys and girls like Nestor -like Alcides - like Cristian with his timid smile - like Mario Emanuel with the very serious face - like Felix with his big eyes filled with dreams -like Tobias who drew a beautiful picture of his school.....can dream with a better future.  During the 20 years of service, the Dequeni Foundation benefited 24,869 recipients among boys, girls, adolescents and families.  They benefit from community development services: children, adolescents and adults from an extremely poor community where sociocultural processes which permit participation and community self-management are promoted.  The extreme poverty is overcome in the communities.  The programs of OPEN CENTERS are for children, adolescents and working adults in the public sector or at risk with informal employment on the street.  Basically, they strive to eliminate the progression of Child Labor.  For that they offer services for educational support - day-care for infants and pre-school children - nutrition - health services - recreation - school and family feedback - workshops for children and parents - and schools where children study in order to prevent Child Labor.  It is a simple phrase which is read in the annual Dequeni report: In 2005, 257 children  quit working in the public sector, 227 children lessen their working hous in the public sector.  What a story behind each child.....and what a future lies ahead!  A COMMUNITY CENTER is a physical space where alternative changes through formative activities of a sociocultural nature are generated.

In 2005, 1,692 scholarships were granted:  all that a child needs to go to school for a year.  With the support scholarships, Dequeni not only offers a better future to the children, it also offers the possibility for everyone to change the life of a child with only 35 Euros.

A Letter to Nestor

Dear Nestor,

I do not know if we will ever meet, but  you are already a part of my life along with your  little brother, Alcides, and your family.  Thank you for your beautiful letter, your smile, and your commitment - "I promise to study hard and to not disappoint you who make it possible for me to study," you write.  Dear Nestor, I promise not to disappoint you either.  Your scholarship for 2007 is already on the way to Dequeni.....

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Translation   Carlos Cantu   Family Federation   La Feria, Texas USA

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