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 published: 2006-05-23

The Family Federation in Brazil is now Autonomous

Constitutional Chapter for the territorial Apostolic Family Federation in Brazil


Primer Capitulo territorial de la Federación de Familias de Brasil

First Territorial Chapter of the Federation of Families in Brazil

Erstes Territorialkapitel des Familienbundes von Brasilien


El 15° curso de la Federación de Familias

The 15th course of the Federation of Familias

Der 15. Kurs des Familienbundes


El capitulo tuvo lugar en Santa Maria

The Chapter took place in Santa Maria

Das Kapitel tagte in Santa Maria


Momento durante el capitulo

Moments of the chapter

Diskussionsrunde beim Kapitel


Felicitaciones por parte de las Hermanas

Congratulations by the Sisters

Glückwunsch der Schwestern


Es un momento historico para la Federación y para Schoenstatt en Brasil

A historic moment for the Federation and for Schoenstatt in Brazil

Ein historischer Augenblick für den Familienbund und für Schönstatt in Brasilien

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BRAZIL, Ledi and Carlos Alberto Bolfoni.  The constitutional Chapter for the territorial Apostolic Schoenstatt Family Federation in Brazil took place in Santa María between April 29th and May 11th, 2006.

The Chapter met at the Marian Center in Santa María adjacent to the Tabor Shrine.  Also present were the chapter families from San Pablo, Paraná and Río Grande do Sul; the concillors and delegates Marilene and Olindo Toaldo, Alvenir and gABRIEL Rossi, Ana Virginia and Nelson Pacheco (RS), María Inés and Oscar Teixeira, Magalí and Derisvaldo Carvalho (SP), Bernardete and Ginés Ponce, Marcia Aparecida and Jorge Audibert (PR); the secretary family Ledi and Carlos Alberto Bonfoni Días, and those in charge of the foundation for the Federation in Brazil, Fr. Ottomar Schneider, Sr. María Fátima Dotto and Sr. María Isabel Machado.

The Chapter approved the by-laws of the Federation and elected to the leadership of the Family Federation in Brazil:  leading family:  Marilene and Olindo Toaldo; first councillors: Marcia Aparecida and Jorge Luis Audibert; second councillors: Lenyr Flavia and José Tomás Santos; third councillors: Ana Virginia and Nelson Pacheco, substitutes:  Ivonne and José Juliato.

During the Chapter they were congratulated by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary who greeted the new leaders with hymns, flowers, and promises of their prayers. All Chapter participants were grateful for the special guidance of the Holy Spirit and  of  the Blessed Mother during the blessed days they spent there.

Translation   Carlos Cantú  Family Federation   La Feria, Texas USA

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