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 published: 2006-04-26

"…On pilgrimage towards our interior"

Retreat of the Mothers’ Branch in San Isidro, Argentina


Rama de Madres en San Isidro, Argentina

Mothers’ League in San Isidro, Argentina

Schönstatt-Mütter in San Isidro, Argentinien


Capilla en el terreno del Santuario de San Isidro

Chapel on the grounds of the Schoenstatt Shrine in San Isidro

Kapelle auf dem Gelände des Heiligtums von San Isidro




Am Eingang


En el Santuario

At the Shrine

Am Heiligtum

Fotos: Onni,  Crivelli © 2006


ARGENTINA, Susana Blanco . "The Blessed Mother was looking for me and I was hiding, I am very happy I came to meet with Mary and with her Son, and I was even able to sing during the Mass" - "It was a joy to see new people, above all young mothers who will take over to continue what we started". "There was an atmosphere of unity and simplicity". These are only some of the testimonies from the participants who attended a Lenten retreat for the Mothers’ Branch in San Isidro on Tuesday, April 4th. The theme that united these mothers was, "Lent, A Pilgrim’s Guide Towards One’s Interior" led by Father Hugo Alvarez, member of the International Council of the Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests.

The purpose of the retreat was to open the hearts to experience more profoundly the Lenten season. This was organized with two sections, one in the morning and anotherone in the afternoon, culminating with the Eucharist. They began by working on some of the paragraphs of the Deus Caritas Est Encyclical and the affirmation that "God is love and that man has the capacity to love". This Love identifies man with God more or less unites as with Him. This encounter with the personal God opens a new door humankind, giving the new horizon of man being a creature saved through the love of God. The meditations of Father Hugo and the times of personal refection allowed participants to relive the joy of knowing that they are loved by God, just as they are. "He is always at our side, extending his strong and generous hand, hoping, that we will decide to follow him. He does not neglect us and he always gives us opportunities to grow and to believe in his Love," so the summary of one of the participating mothers.

Faith that is tested and many acknowledgments

Everyone was tested in the "giving of self" to Divine Providence. For example there was the morning rain, the oven that did not work to warm the tarts and only the "holy hand" of Father Hugo was able to start it while Ale Andrade held match number 22! And even the EMS (emergency vehicle) had to come to help one of the mothers who had an accident!

In the midst of all of this there was so much to be grateful for: Thanks for a pregnant mother who called the emergency vehicle on her cell phone, thanks to those who helped as nurses, thanks to Rita Bueno for not fainting! To Adri Duca for the good advice! To Mercedes Kraus, who after distributing some of Father Kentenich’s quotes quickly turned over the running of the snack bar to someone else. Thanks to all the mothers who made the delicious food!! Thanks to the sun, that came out at 3:00 p.m.!

Thanks to Liliana Picasso, who along with Beatriz, shared her voice and guitar music during the encounter. Thanks to the "traveling ants", the missionaries of the Rosary Campaign, who placed leaflets everywhere. Thanks to Paloma Tougores Prieto who was in charge of organizing the "sinners" so that they would not miss their turn for confession and since she was the first one on the list she was the last one to go to confession just minutes before 3:00 p.m. when it was time to go to Mass!

Thanks to all the mothers who participated, to the Covenant sisters, and the team.

Recalling the comments and the concerns:

Among the comments that we received at the end of the retreat, the following requests stood out:

"For Father’s talks to be longer", we are sorry because he says that he can’t make them longer." "We ask that silence be enforced", but we learn to walk by walking, so can’t we also help our sisters fraternally on their way to spiritual growth? "Thanks that the sun came out…there was an atmosphere of unity and simplicity".

All mothers are invited to the next retreat on June 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Father Horacio Sosa Carbo will lead with the theme: "The Art of Making Use of Our Weaknesses."

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