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 published: 2006-04-26

Cover the entire nation with Pilgrim MTA’s

National Journey for Representatives of the Rosary Campaign in Argentina


Jornada Nacional de la Campaña del Rosario, Argentina

Nacional Convention of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, Argentina

Jahrestagung der Rosenkranz-Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter in Argentinien


Rosario Iluminado

Illumined Rosary



Florencia durante su testimonio sobre la entrega de la Peregrina al Papa

Florencia during her testimony on the presentation of the Pilgrim MTA to the Pope

Florencia bei ihrem Zeugnis über die Überreichung ihrer Pilgernden Gottesmutter an den Papst


Encuentro con el Padre: somos tus aliados como Don Joao Pozzobon

Encounter with the Father: We are your allies like John Pozzobon

Begegnung mit dem Vater und Gründer: Wir sind deine Verbündeten wie Joao Pozzobon


Se destacó la presencia de muchos misioneros jovenes

The presence of many young missionaries was notable

Auffallend viele Jugendliche waren dabei


En el Santuario

At the Shrine

Beim Heiligtum

Fotos: Ríos © 2006


ARGENTINA, Silvia Losada. On April 22nd and 23rd 2006, the "Journey of Love" for Representatives of the Rosary Campaign 2006 was held in New Schoenstatt, Argentina

Before the Journey the National Assessment Team met to analyze the subjects that would be discussed. They reviewed materials used in preparing missionaries for the Covenant of Love. They concluded that the talks to be presented should inflame the fire for the mission, aid in living and understanding the love for the Blessed Mother and for the Founding Father, and strengthen the attachment to the Shrine and to all of the Schoenstatt family, in the spirit of John Pozzobon.

Panels and photos exhibited at the Journey by the various delegations demonstrated the originality and life stream of each delegation.

Experiences that will help growth

Father Juan Jose Reba, the National Assessor of the Campaign of Argentina, began the Journey with a motivational talk about the main subject, "The Covenant of Love, a Step of Preparation for the Year 2014."

Then there were group sessions. One, for example, was an introductory level and another was used to encourage established missionaries exchange experiences that would help them develop further.

One pleasant surprise, which shows a new springtime for the campaign, was the number of young participants. The young people committed to conquering other youth and to meet again at the Journey of Leaders convention next year.

To end the event everyone renewed their consecration to the Rosary and their Covenant of Love at the new Church of God the Father. A talented violinist touched the souls of the participants with her rendition of "Ave Maria."

The Vice-Postulator for the cause of beatification of John Louis Pozzobon presented a beautiful video to launch the "new footsteps" campaign, offering rosaries that will be presented to His Holiness Benedict XVI on the occasion of his visit to Brazil next year.

Inflame the missionaries with the Covenant of Love

The preparation of the missionaries for the Covenant of Love is very important. They should have a burning love for their mission and be able to transmit that grace to the families they visit. When missionaries strive to be useful instruments in the hands of Mary, the families who receive the Pilgrim MTA can be conquered for the Kingdom.

They recall and they want to put into practice Father Joseph Kentenich’s phrase:

"Through Schoenstatt may the wide halls of the holy Church be filled again…"

In order to do this effectively, they willingly make the exchange of hearts with the Blessed Mother. They want to form an all-embracing network of hearts that will be able to disperse the Schoenstatt message and all it has to offer just like John Pozzobon and Father Esteban Uriburu did in their time.

The missionaries desire is to cover the entire nation with Pilgrim MTA’s. That is why the support of all the Schoenstatt Family is needed in this new stage. The Campaign always awakens life that flows like an abundant river.

"Finally, we beg the Blessed Mother to send us thousands and thousands of missionaries who can say from their heart, ‘MOTHER, NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, NOTHING WITHOUT US!’ "

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, Texas, USA / Chrsiti Jentz, Milwaukee

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