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 published: 2006-03-10

Vocatos Voco!

New roads to the Shrine of Belmonte

El Santuario de Belmonte, Roma

The Shrine in Belmonte, Rome

Das Heiligtum in Belmonte, Rom


Obras en el terreno...

Construction Work at the land...

Bauarbeiten auf dem Gelände…


… y en el camino

…and at the road

… und an der Straße

Fotos: Gerber © 2006


ROME, Father Micahel Gerber. Whoever wants to visit the Shrine of Belmonte at this time will have a little difficulty finding the road. During these days the work to modernize Via S. Gemma has begun. This street which leads to our Shrine, will be widened considerably. In a great part this is because it is expected that many pilgrims will visit the Shrine in the future.

The area around the Shrine and of the sacristy will also take a definitive form during these weeks in order to receive visitors from throughout the world, especially those who will come during Pentecost.

Our Shrine - a goal for "seekers of the roads" -, for those who find their vocation at the hand of the Blessed Mother. This is what the campaign of Matri-Eccesiae Shrine is referring to with its inscription: Vocatos Voco-I convoke those called. On the 25th of March we will also celebrate the Hour of the Vocation of Mary, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord. This reminds of our task to collaborate, through our prayer and our activity, so that many people will discover their vocation in the Church and for the Church.

On 22.03.06 the Shrine of Vocations in Merzhausen close to Freiburg (Germany) will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Its bell also rings with its convocation: "Vocato voco". Many people received essential impulses for their vocations in this place during the last twenty-five years. We hope that our Shrine in Rome will also convert itself each day more and more into a "Shrine of Vocations".

Translation: Celina M Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA


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