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 published: 2006-03-15

Praying in the Heart of the Church

Preparing for Pentecost 2006



Un Santuario de Luz en San Pedro

A Shrine of Light at St. Peterís

Ein Heiligtum aus Licht auf dem Petersplatz


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ROME, Fr. Alberto Eronti. As has been announced, on Friday, June 2nd , Rome will become a "city in prayer." The Movements, New Communities, and Coordinators for the Pontifical Council for the Laity will convene that evening in different churches to pray and "to prepare the ways of the Spirit." Our hope and longing is that this 2006 Pentecost will be extraordinary. The Friday vigils precede and prepare the great vigil which will take place on Saturday, June 3rd with the Pope who took the initiative for this event. In a church needing "strength and direction from on high," Benedict XVI entrusts part of his task to us, the Movements and the New Communities.

For this, our Schoenstatt Family not only wants "to be" there, but wants to prepare itself so that this Pentecost may be a renewal of its mission in service to the Church. We long to live our love for the Church intensely and faithfully according to the passion of our Father and Founder. To love the Church is to love the Church as it is today. To love her is to serve her, and being in her and for her the "Family of the Father" so that the Church may be the soul of the new cultures, light, salt, and leaven in the heart of a world which more and more is in need of justice, peace and love.

Once again, a Shrine of Light at St. Peterís

To go on pilgrimage to Rome with and in the spirit of Pentecost is to go on pilgrimage with Mary. She is the one who "knows more" about the SpiritÖ..of it "Shadow"Ö..its "Fire"Ö..and its "Direction." In the gift of the Covenant of Love and through our prayerful presence, Mary wants to live and to surrender her maternity to the Church of the "newest times." She, faithful Ally of the Son, wants to manifest her faithful love for the Church by placing herself "amid," that is : in her heart just as it happened at the first Pentecost. That is why we go on pilgrimage, that is why we will be present, that is why we will renew our commitment, praying with all our hearts: "All for the Mother of the Church, all for Mother Church." Yes, everything in the image of our Father!

As an outward sign, we want to go on pilgrimage after the June 2nd vigil, all the way to St. Peterís Square. We want to take lighted candles. Upon arriving at St. Peterís Square, we want to pray together and leave our candles on the pavement forming a "Shrine of Light." At this moment we are seeking the needed permits to do this (we hope that what we are planning is approved).

"Through Schoenstatt may the wide halls of the holy Church be filled again"

To prepare the two events, the Central Committee which is organizing the pilgrimage, proposes that the entire Family, united in a common spirit, pray the two verses of the MORNING CONSECRATION from HEAVENWARDS:

Use us according to your will.
'Through Schoenstatt may the wide halls
of the holy Church be filled again
and your praise resound to your throne.

You may use us for your work
and send us crosses, suffering and hardship;
whether we meet with failure or success
we want to proclaim your love. (p. 14, American Edition)

If each child of Schoenstatt, each group and family, prays this prayer several times a day and in deep union with Mary, then the prayer will be "raised" with force to the Blessed Trinity and the Father and the Son will send their Spirit of Love to the heart of a prepared Church Ė like Mary at the Annunciation Ė to receive the Gift from on High. We are steadfast in this!

Practical information

There will be two activities in Rome: Friday and Saturday, June 2 & 3, 2006. A large meeting will not be organized at the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Belmonte on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4th. What will be offered will be the praying of Vespers for those who want to and can participate. The time will be announced later. The groups which wish to do so may go to Belmonte on the previous days.

The Vigil on June 2nd:

  • The Basilica of San Andrea Della Valle will open at 9:30 P.M. and the Vigil will begin at 10:00 P.M.
  • Each participant will receive the text for the Vigil which will be printed in four languages.
  • Candles will be used at the Vigil and will be distributed beforehand to the participants.
  • Everyone will also receive a neck scarf with the colors and the symbols of Fatherís Centennial celebration. This scarf will be our sign at both vigils and on our remaining days in Rome.
  • The text for the para-liturgy on Friday the 2nd is already prepared. It has been corrected and completed on various opportunities, taking into account that it will be an international community which gathers. If a particular Schoenstatt Family from one or another country has anxieties about the topic, they may offer their contributions up to March 31, 2006.

There will be a "Center for Coordination" in Rome. The address and other data will be announced at a later date.

To enter St. Peterís Square on the afternoon of June 3rd, a ticket will be needed. We are therefore asking those responsible for each group of pilgrims to contact Fr. Ludovico Tedeschi on the number of pilgrims, country of origin, and the name of the person responsible for the group.

The following email address is now in use:

In Rome, the coordinator for the Schoenstatt Movement is Fr. Ludovico. Beginning April 1st, any questions you may have may also be directed to:

Translation Carlos Cantú Family Federation La Feria, Texas USA


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