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 published: 2006-03-28

Paraguay prepares for the great feast!

October 18, 2006 – 25th Anniversary of the Schoenstatt National Shrine in Paraguay, in Tuparenda, Dwelling of God


El fenómeno de Tupărendá – una familia comprometida y creciente como núcleo, y la popularización de Schoenstatt

The phenomenon of Tupărendá – a committed, growing family as core group, and the popularization of Schoenstatt

Das Phänomen Tupărendá – das ist eine hochidentifizierte, wachsende Familie als Kern und eine geglückte Popularisierung Schönstatts

Foto: Pardo © 2006



Cruz de la Unidad, en el camino de los peregrinos al Santuario

Unity Cross, at the way the pilgrims take to get to the Shrine

Kreuz der Einheit am Weg der Pilger zum Heiligtum


Iglesia en construcción

Church, under construction

Im Bau: Kirche

Fotos: Franco © 2006


Todo el terreno se llenará de peregrinos

The whole area will be filled with pilgrims

Das ganze Gelände wird voller Pilger sein


Padre Antonio Cosp con integrantes de la familia

Father Antonio Cosp with members of the family

Pater Antonio Cosp mit eine Team der Schönstattfamilie


Rifa de la solidaridad - una red de vinculos con Tupărendá

Solidartiy Lottery – a network of attachments with Tupărendá

Solidaritäts-Lotterie – ein Netz von Beziehungen mit Tupărendá

Fotos: Pardo © 2006





PARAGUAY, Maria del Rosario Lara Maranon. One hundred thousand people are expected for the great celebration of the anniversary of the Shrine of Tuparenda. The main event with international participation, will take place on October 16th and 17th, 2006. There is no time to lose! The organization of the celebration is being carried out with the conscientious dedication of many people. Just imagine for a minute what this number of people means…A hint: In August of 2005, during the Youth Festival and World Youth Day in Schoenstatt, which was quite a success, there were ten thousand people, this is 10% of the number expected in Tuparenda.

Tuparenda is the very beautiful name of the place where the National Schoenstatt Shrine is located in Paraguay. Just as the name in Guarani expresses – Dwelling of God – is the site where the Blessed Mother decided to establish herself to give her graces and to make the great family of Paraguay grow with all the strength with which she made it through the years. 50% of the Paraguayans know Schoenstatt. Perhaps this will explain the surprise that our Paraguayan friend Joaquin experienced last week when he traveled through Hannover, Germany and when he asked how to get to Schoenstatt the only response he received was…what? This was an incomprehensible situation for him, because in his country one out two people could have responded instantly!

It all started with the grace of election…the mission consciousness of the elected

It is not enough to appeal to reason to imagine the dimension of this event. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Shrine, is to celebrate the presence of the Blessed Mother in this place..". and from there, in so many Homeshrines, in the Youth Shrine of Asuncion, in the Shrine of Terruno in the Cuidad del Este, in the Wayside Shrines scattered throughout countless roads and corners of the country, in the Pilgrim MTA’s of the Rosary Campaign, and above all, in the Heart Shrines, the Living Shrine, that each Schoenstatter is called to be:…just as Cristian Heiseck wrote in the first issue of the year of the Tuparenda Magazine, that was exclusively dedicated to the Silver Anniversary of the Shrine.

To celebrate this feast is to renew the Covenant. It is to renew the everyday commitment of life with the joy of knowing that we are loved, protected, and guided in a special way by the Blessed Mother, our mother. And in this way… "To intensely cultivate a marked family spirit. How much Schoenstatt has grown, in the strength of the Shrine, during these 25 years, the fruitfulness of all the Branches and Communities in several dioceses, challenges us to grow much more in harmony among ourselves, in family unity. To celebrate the jubilee is to say Nation of God, heart of America. It means a return to the origins of 25 years ago, but it also means we must speed up the march, with renewed vigor, towards making Paraguay a Nation of God.

Paraguay: a point of encounter

The national family will have its great encounter in a Journey of Leaders, on May 6th and 7th. On August 20th there will be an open encounter, the MTA will crowned, Queen of the Nation of God and the cornerstone of the Saint Mary of the Trinity Church will be laid. Construction of this church has progressed.

On Monday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 17th, the main events will take place with international participation. An International Journey about the Pastoral of the Shrines will take place. And on Wednesday, October 18th, the great celebration will be held.

The Paraguayan Family is opening its doors, its warm heart, and it is at the disposal of everyone who wants to share in the celebration, as well as for those interested in participating in the Journey of Pastoral of the Shrine (you can count on the support of specialists!)

All the Schoenstatt Family is invited to participate, making this event a special occasion of encounter, for the 100,000 people who will have the grace of arriving at the Shrine during the month of October, as well as the rest of the Family united spiritually and in prayer. For those in the latter group there is an email address that will be available to send your prayers, greetings, and special messages to the Paraguayan Family and to accompany them with your heart:


  • May 6th and 7th: The national family will have its great encounter in the Journey for Leaders
  • August 20th: Open Encounter. MTA will be crowned anew as Queen of the Nation of God and the cornerstone will be laid for the Saint Mary Church of the Trinity
  • October: Jubilee Month, 100,000 pilgrims are expected!
  • October 16th and 17th:Main encounters with international participation. International Encounter of Pastoral of Shrines
  • October 18th: Celebration
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