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 published: 2006-01-24

The Court of Miracles

Prayer of the Holy Rosary with music and song

La Corte de los Milagros

The group  Corte de Milagros

Die Gruppe „Corte de Milagros“


Cantan los mistérios del Rosario

They sing the mysteries of the Rosary

Sie singen zu den Geheimnissen des Rosenkranzes


„Lagrimas de gozo“

„Tears of joy“



El grupo esta formado por Hernán Loglio, Leo Köstner, Paola Leiva, Santiago Gomez Asensio, Silvina Basgall

The group members are Hernán Loglio, Leo Köstner, Paola Leiva, Santiago Gomez Asensio, Silvina Basgall

Zur Band gehören Hernán Loglio, Leo Köstner, Paola Leiva, Santiago Gomez Asensio, Silvina Basgall


Veinte minutos dentre del corazon de Maria

Twenty minutes in the heart of Mary

Zwanzig Minuten im Herzen von Maria

Fotos: Santiago Gómez Asensio © 2006


Argentina, Antonella Cerini. "The Court of Miracles" is a musical youth group from Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina. The actual reason for forming the group was a serenade to Mary at the end of the year 2002 in front of a MTA Wayside Shrine at the Catholic University of Argentina. The meaning, which this original way of presenting the mysteries of the rosary has for them, is to contemplate, the profound and evangelical experience of the most decisive moments in the lives of Christ and Mary through Mary’s eyes.

The main idea for the texts emerged from a talk by Pope John Paul II, who said that to pray the rosary was to be within the heart of Mary for twenty minutes.

This idea and the evangelical passages related to the Blessed Mother have been the pillars of working out these writings. To enter into the heart of Mary and to foretaste the wealth of affection and wisdom that is stored in it. Mary "keeps everything in her heart", in two thousands years, she has not stopped for one minute in the mission of keeping things in her heart: suffering and insults, glories, joys, Hail Marys….!

"Tears of joy and of light"; "tears of suffering and of glory"

The title of the first part of this work is called "Tears of joy and of light" and the second part is "Tears of suffering and of glory" (consider what can be summarized as "tears"). With this, they do not pretend to emphasize the suffering nor any emotion in any of its meaning; rather, it is moving.. To be touched by something religious, in daily life, at any demonstration of love (and the lack of love!). This emotion can only be experienced when one possesses an interior life that is rich and full of grace that covers every dimension of man. We want and should aspire to a profound committed religiosity. Talks, conferences, "sermons" do not touch, nor move; everything tends to repeat itself and to reproduce itself.

All the members of this group belong to the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement which was a factor of fluency and spontaneity for them from the human and musical as well as the spiritual aspect. The style of the songs could be catalogued as popular music since it oscillates from folkloric to urban. Far from being a disorganized mixture, the diversity of styles that is presented enriches the value and the influence of the subject which was undertaken.

Translation: Celina Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA

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