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 published: 2005-10-11

He gives his fatherhood fully

A talk about Father Kentenich given to the Family of Cuidad del Este


P. José Kentenich – compañero, amigo, profeta, y sobre todo Padre

Fr. Joseph Kentenich – friend, prophet, company, and especially: Father

P. Josef Kentenich – Freund, Begleiter, Prophet, und vor allem  Vater

Foto: Archiv


P. Horacio Rivas, de Chile, en Ciudad del Este

Fr. Horacio Rivas, from Chile, in Ciudad del Este

P. Horacio Rivas, aus Chile, in Ciudad del Este


Un testimonio de vinculación con el Padre Kentenich

A testimony of attachment to Father Kentenich

Ein Zeugnis der Verbundenheit mit Pater Kentenich






Fotos: Cabral © 2005


PARAGUAY, Gloria Ruiz Diaz. "I see Father in you, in this beautiful Family of Paraguay, and I am sure that when he looked profoundly towards your country he also gave you his heart". These are the words that Father Horacio Rivas expressed when he began his delightful talk. His visit to the homeland has been one of the gifts from our Mother on the fifth anniversary of the blessing of her Shrine.

Father Rivas spoke of his experiences with Father Kentenich, in the two hour talk he "brought the Father and Founder to life". The participants felt an atmosphere of discovery and gratitude to the Lord for giving the Schoenstatt Family and each of its children, a personality like his. He captivated even the most reluctant to accept him as one of the three contact points. He warned us at the beginning of the talk: "I like to hear someone who is new in the Movement say: I love the Blessed Mother and I feel good in the Shrine, but my problem is with Father Kentenich, I look at them and think: you will come around, just like I did.

In effect, Father Rivas told us that "his encounter with the Father and Founder" was when he gave him the best smile, after he had slighted him by leaving in the middle of one of his talks. Conquered by that smile, Father Rivas later had many encounters with Father Kentenich throughout his priestly life, "made possible" by divine providence, surely with the mission of transmitting those enriching experiences with special charisma, in which the Founder fully gave him his fatherhood, even though he, himself, had not experienced it in his own life. During those hours which flew, the audience shared the many times that Father Rivas had the privilege of experiencing the encounters with Father Kentenich, who left a lesson of life in every meeting and he gave himself totally to his work and to his children. "A Father gives what a child requests" may have been what Father Kentenich may have manifested to Father Rivas in one of those encounters. When Father Rivas asked Father Kentenich how he was able to make such rich personal attachments with others, even when he had to educate his children, he responded: "Truth without love hurts, but love without truth deceives". Father Kentenich was always very respectful of persons and he always gave the person with whom he was conversing the warmth of his complete attention and time.

"Father has never failed me, and he has been my guide from the moment that I met him until now, when I still consult him and he answers me in the most incredible ways. That is why you should take Father Kentenich out of the books, take him out of the photos, and place him in your heart". This was the message and the mission that Father Rivas gave at the conclusion of his talk and in response he received a warm and prolonged applause from the audience. Surely, everyone returned home full of the light of the Father and eager to know his rich history more and more, which is the history of Schoenstatt. He calls us today to continue writing this history holding on to his hand, but by living it. Let’s remain loyal and do it.

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