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 published: 2005-06-07

You will reign

30th Anniversary celebration for the Shrine of La Loma

El Santurio en plena fiesta de agradecimiento

The shrine during the celebration of gratitude

Das Heiligtum im Glanz der Dankfeier


Aqui en nombre de la Familia de la Providencia se le regala un libro a Monseñor con la historia fecunda de todos estos 30 años a la sombra del Santuario

Bishop Maulión is offered a book with the fruitful history of the thirty years of the Shrine

Bischof Maulión erhält ein Buch mit der Geschichte des Heiligtums in den dreißig Jahren seines Bestehens


Momentos antes de la Misa

Moments before Mass

Letzte Besprechungen vor der Messe


Presentación de la historia y las corrientes de vida actuales

Presentation of the history and current streams of life

Präsentation der Geschichte und der aktuellen Strömungen


Feliz cumpleaños, querido Santuario

Happy birthday, dear Shrine

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebes Heiligtum!


Novicios: Nicolás Ovalle de la Fuente de Santiago de Chile (el mas alto), Santiago Arriola de Mar del Plata (el mas bajito) y Jose Velasquez de Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Novices: Nicolás Ovalle de la Fuente from Santiago de Chile (the tallest one), Santiago Arriola de Mar del Plata (the smallest one), and  Jose Velasquez de Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Novizen: Nicolás Ovalle de la Fuente aus Santiago de Chile (der Längste), Santiago Arriola aus Mar del Plata (der Kleinste), and  Jose Velasquez aus Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Fotos: Ríos © 2005


Fotos: © 2005


ARGENTINA, Tita Rios/Sister M. Sofia. Thirty years ago, on a 31st of May 1975, the Blessed Mother wanted to establish herself in the land of "La Loma and it grew from there until it became a family: "Family of Providence with Mary and the Father for the Church in the world"…Yes, the beloved Shrine is 30 years old and it was celebrated as a Family on the 28th of May, although the Shrine and the Family of Parana have celebrated it all year.

All the family of La Loma had been preparing for this 30th jubilee of the Shrine for a long time, this was the goal of the longest pilgrimage by foot in South America which takes place each 18th of October - it is some 90 kilometers from the wayside shrine in Hasenkamp to the Shrine, at times with more than 40,000 participants - as well as the traditional Pilgrimage of Workers, which usually takes place the last Sunday of the month of May, although this year, because of the Feast of Corpus Christi, it took place on Sunday, the 5th of June, with the motto: Mother of Bread, help us generate work for others!

A day in the Shirne, preparing for the jubilee

On the 25th of May, a patriotic holiday and a day free from work, many arrived at La Loma to continue beautifying the grounds. Everything was anticipation and expectation. For many months the pastoral of the Shrine had been carrying out this work in the park, this was the first stage of seven that had been agreed upon. The clean up began from the entrance, passing through the Shrine, until reaching the hall. New lights have already been installed, the house and the Shrine have been painted on the outside, thanks to the great effort of this team and of the donations of the pilgrims. It was beautiful to see the Rios’, diocesan coordinators, grandchildren, participating in the work with their small shovels, buckets, and hose, fixing the plants along with their mothers. In the meanwhile, Oscar Vertuni and Hector Rios were working, preparing the gabezo which would be available for the pilgrims.

This was also a year of spiritual work since the Family Work wants to present the Blessed Mother with 30 new couples for the Family Work as the 30th Anniversary gift, towards this goal during the Saturdays of June new couples will be informed about project jubilee, a method implemented by Paraguay that has proven to be successful in several dioceses in Argentina, to introduce Schoenstatt spirituality to married couples. For this, the leaders of the Family Work and Sister M. Sofia, met on the 25th of May, with couples from Corrientes, Santa Fe, Rosario and the group leaders of Parana, who after working on the plans for the retreat for the project jubilee couples, walked toward the Shrine, singing, to offer it all to the Blessed Mother in the Shrine.

This work day finished with a very national lunch, "locro" (a stew based of corn and many other ingredients with side dishes of vegetables and pork) all those who took part in the cleaning of the park gathered to eat, and then they continued with the work until late afternoon.

The great day

The great day of the 28th of May arrived, in which all the Family and many, many pilgrims who came from the interior of Entre Rios and also from the sister province of Santa Fe, were present.

The festivities began at 5:00 p.m. with the Holy Mass around the Shrine, presided by the diocesan Bishop, Monsignor Maulion, and concelebrated by Father Gervasoni and Father Varon (from the diocesan clergy) along with Father Marcelo Gallardo.

It was a day of remembrance, where after the Mass, Quitito Asensio inflamed the hearts of everyone when he told about the days of founding, the difficulties, and the spirit of the

the pioneers in Parana to give themselves totally to the Blessed Mother and her Work.

But it was not left at remembering -"those who have a mission must fulfill it…" the spirit of struggle and of victory that motivated the pioneers is still present in the Family of Providence, as it could be seen in the power point presentation which showed the growth of the Family and the victorious work of the Blessed Mother from her Shrine in Parana.

Seated in the first row, along with Sister M. Sofia, were the founders of the Schoenstatt Family, Hugo and Beby Gomez, Quitito Ascencio and May and Elbio Gomez, witnesses of the graces of the founding time.

During the 30th Anniversary feast, the novices of the Schoenstatt Fathers were also paid tribute, they are doing their practice in Parana: Nicolas Ovalle de la Fuendte of Santiago Chile, Santiago Arriola, of Mar del Plata, and Jose Velasquez, of the Cuidad del Este, Paraguay. The dessert table was left for last…

A crown for the Queen

The family of Parana always lived by the rhythm of Providence: What did the Blessed Mother tell them on this anniversary? What was she asking for?…Whoever has a mission…". They could not remain thinking about the past…during this anniversary the talk was about a new beginning, of a re-founding, before which they felt somewhat discouraged…" "The magnitude of the difficulties, the smallness of the instruments…"

How can we not then place the future in the hands of the Queen"? This is how a crowning current came about, and during this celebration they wanted to commit themselves with her to conquer her crown, presenting her at the same time with the legacy of their inheritance.

When each leader read the crowning commitment of his branch, he received a copy of the history of the founding of the Movement in Parana, and he assumed the inheritance promising the Blessed Mother: "You will Reign".

There had to be music, something that always characterizes Parana. As a crowning touch, we again heard Oscar Vizentin sing : "Tu Reinaras" (You will Reign), a song he composed on the occasion of the blessing of the Shrine thirty years ago…

"You will own Parana, we promise you that you will reign…you have reigned these 30 years and you will continue to reign in the future… and until the end of time if we are loyal to your Covenant…".

Translation: Celina M Garza, Harlingen, TX, USA

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