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 published: 2004-12-02

What is Schoenstatt's "three dimensional" Spirituality?

Where to find answers to almost all the questions about Schoenstatt



SCHOENSTATT, Therese Formosa. What is Schoenstatt's "three dimensional" Spirituality? I wonder if you would be able to answer this question for me? No, or maybe there is someone you know that would not know quite how to answer this?

Perhaps you did know the answer to this one but have you ever been stuck when someone has asked you a question about Schoenstatt that you just did not know the answer to. Well the solution to your problems is here. There is a book available "200 Questions about Schoenstatt" that as you may have guessed offers 200 Questions, and thankfully 200 answers, about Schoenstatt. This book covers many important topics including Schoenstatt history, spirituality, message and mission, pedagogy and organization. It is a very easy to read book that allows you to find the answers that you have been looking for.

With Christmas coming up this book might be a good present idea for someone you know is just new to Schoenstatt, someone who does not yet know Schoenstatt or perhaps even yourself

By the way if you were wondering the answer to the question is:

Fr Kentenich was fond of describing Schoenstatt's spirituality as being "three-fold" or "three-dimensional". By this he referred to three aspects of Schoenstatt's spirituality, reflectly the richnesses of it's life:

  • covenant spirituality,
  • instrument piety (or imstumentality),
  • everyday sanctity.

What happens if I can't find the answer I am looking for in this book?

If you find yourself in a situation where you seem to be looking for the 201st question about Schoenstatt there are many things you can do. You could always email Sister Konellia but perhaps you should first try to find the answer yourself on the Internet. Google ( is a very Schoenstatt friendly search engine. Just type in Schoenstatt click on search and 'wallah!' you have a variety of pages to choose from. Just a little tip clicking on the English pages only button can make life a lot easier for those people like me who are unable to read German or Spanish.

Soon finding other English website on Schoenstatt will be even easier. An article with a list of the sites available in English should soon be ready.

And if all else fails then you can still send an email to Sr. Konellia.

Fr. Jonathan Niehaus: 200 questions about Schoenstatt, Waukesha, USA, 2002, available: Intl. Schoenstatt Center, Waukesha, USA:

In Germany/Europe:

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