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 published: 2004-11-26

The fourth Star-weekend

Step by step on the route to the youth festival and toward Cologne

Jovenes con una visión: "Schoenstatt en la Jornada Mundia de la Juventud"

Youth with a vision: "Schoenstatt at the World Youth Day"

Jugend mit einer Vision: "Schönstatt beim Weltjugendtag"


Colonia y carnaval ...

Cologne means carnival...

Köln… da muss es auch um Karneval gehen


P. Duncan McVicar: Vamos...

Fr. Duncan McVicar: Let's go...

P. Duncan McVicar ist begeistert…




Vorstellung der bisherigen Arbeit


Trabajo, o...?

This is work, or ?

Hier wird hart gerarbeitet …

Fotos: Arriaga © 2004

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SCHOENSTATT, Christine Gold . "We have come to adore him" - World Youth Day 2005. Almost 30 Kings and Queens met from the 19th to the 21st November 2004 in Pilgerheim, Schoenstatt. They saw a star rising in March and have been following it ever since. This was the fourth Star-weekend, the purpose of this meeting was to reflect on what had been achieved so far and look forward to what was to come in the future.

The 4th Star-weekend began on November 19th in Schoenstatt with a short adoration in the Original Shrine and an international mass. This night was also spent remembering the visit of the WYD Cross and the Icon to Schoenstatt a month before.

The intensity of these days where displayed through a video and photo presentation. For many this was a deep experience, a sample of what they encountered, the happiness that was felt to know the center of the World Youth Day, Jesus Christ.

The fourth Star-weekend, the third encounter with international participants, was indeed a weekend full of work.

Youth day team

Saturday's was spent discussing and making plans for a variety of different events:

The team "Youth day" looked retrospectively at the days spent with the WYD Cross and Icon, they wanted to learn from these days to help them in planning the events for the next year. Rainer Gotter deserves a special mention for his presentation on this day. Dressed in Carnival cloths he offered a lymric with the theme of the Colonge Carnival "Colonge and the youth of the world".

"Our Way Moves to Christ"

The Core team, which is responsible for the preparation of the international youth festival, this weekend presented their program around the motto "Our way moves to Christ". Invitations and posters were points of discussion, as well as ideas for T-shirts and other merchandise. Schoenstatt will be host to between 2000 to 3000 youths of different nations between the 7th and 11th August 2004. This is an example of the unity between the world and the youth; many of these young people also plan to seal their Covenant of Love in this time at Schoenstatt.

Program for Cologne

The Cologne Team, that is in constant contact with the World Youth Day Office, presented an introduction and the preparation of the program and clarified questions of the concepts. The two main events that Schoenstatt is orgainising for the WYD is an meet and greet afternoon tea and an International open stage, they are hoping that these events will be a maganet for many young people. International artists have already shown interest in these projects. The search for footprints along the spiritual road will be the focus of the images.

Coordination between project office and teams

An important element in this weekend was the exchange of results and plans between the teams and the Project Office. The Project Office in Schoenstatt is managed by Sr. Johana María Helmich and Fr. Duncun McVicar, and run by volunteers from Brazil, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Texas and Germany. This team guarantees the common coordination of preparations for the World Youth Day. Recently they have been putting together a novena for the spiritual preparation for the WYD. This novena will begin with a Eucharistic celebration on the 8th of December 2004 in Schoenstatt, and hopefully it will attract many people along the road toward Cologne.

On Sunday the fourth star weekend concluded with a youth mass in the Pilgrims Church. This mass contained international texts and music, and represented the international spirit of the Schoenstatt movement.

Fr. Duncun McVicar invited the visitors, to choose Jesus as king of their lives, to walk in contact with him, to speak about him, and to give him, in the middle of all of this, a place of important value.

Translation: José Barriga, La Paz, Bolivia/ Therese Formosa, Australia

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