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 published: 2004-10-22

Golden roses, golden Shrine

Celebrating October 18 around the world: Exile Shrine, Milwaukee, USA

Oración en el Santuario de Milwaukee, 18 de octubre de 2004, 50° aniversario

Prayer in the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee, October 18, 2004, day of the 50th anniversary

Gebet im Exilheiligtum in Milwaukee am 18. Oktober 2004, dem 50. Jahrestag seiner Einweihung


El Santuario de Exilio con "traje" de fiesta

The Exile Shrine in festday splendor

Das Exilheiligtum im Festtagsschmuck


Vela del Jubileo

Jubilee Candle


Fotos: Jentz © 2004




USA, Christi Jentz. The altar is adorned with golden roses, a large candle is decorated with a ring of forget-me-nots beneath a golden Shrine. It’s October 18, 2004, the actual Golden Jubilee of the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee. It is a quiet day at the shrine.  Community members come for their hours of adoration. Others also stop for private prayer and thanksgiving. It is a cool day, fall is "in the air". After many celebrations in and around the "Golden Shrine" during this year, the actual day of the jubilee is a quiet one, as if the Blessed Mother wanted to celebrate "privately" this 18th of October, pondering like she did in Nazareth and Bethlehem all that happened during this year in her heart…

The Exile Shrine was beautifully decorated for the 50th anniversary on October 18, with golden roses, antependium with forget-me-nots, the large candle located at the foot of the altar. Sunday, Oct 17th, Covenant Sunday,  the Schoenstatt Family of Milwaukee gathered for a day of celebration at the Exile Shrine. Highlights included Mass at Holy Cross and a delicious lunch in the Holy Cross cafeteria. Afternoon activities included a power point and video presentation of the July 8-12 International gathering and the crowning of the MTA by Archbishop Dolan which was provided by the Schoenstatt Sisters.  Mike and Marge Fenelon joyfully shared their recollections and photographs of the events in Belmonte and Rome. The event closed with benediction and of course,  birthday cake and ice cream to mark the event.

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