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 published: 2004-10-27

'In the shadow of our future shrine, living hope, healing, and love'

October Weekend in Harare, Zimbabwe

En el "Santuario Altar" - altar del Santuario en una casa

In the "Altar shrine" - shrine altar erected in a house Im "Altar-Heiligtum"

Heiligtumsaltar in einem Wohnhaus

Foto: Peter © 2004 (ARCHIV)




ZIMBABWE, Marlene Peter. Recent news from Zimbabwe, Africa, range from Anthrax outbreak to kicking South African Trade Union members out of the country, from political pressure and isolation to pressing hunger… And in the midst of that, the small Schoenstatt Family celebrated the 90th anniversary of Schoenstatt's founding and hope that the Shrine in Zimbabwe will be a dream come true.

In Harare, the Schoenstatt family held its October Weekend from Saturday the 16th to Monday the 18th.  They chose 'A Shrine for Zimbabwe' as our theme this weekend and had very fruitful talks and discussions on Saturday and Sunday, with the usual Schoenstatt sharing and tasty eats too.

They were very blessed to have Fr Michael Hagan from Cape Town on Monday evening to celebrate mass, bless the altar shrine, now in Sheila Coleman's home, and accept the consecration of one of the members, Rita Cairns, who made her Covenant of Love.

They all renewed their Covenant of Love on this special day, a fitting end to such a grace filled weekend, as they also celebrated Schoenstatt's 90th 'birthday'.  The motto they adopted for the year is 'In the shadow of our future shrine, living hope, healing, and love'.

In the shadow of the Shrine

Fr Kentinich's prophetic words, 'In the shadow of the shrine..' struck a cord with them this time. At the end of the celebration, a number of them brought along their contributions to the capital of grace for the future shrine along with a concrete object symbolically for that shrine e.g. a brick, a piece of plank, a drum etc. into the shrine room.  "We have put in our order for a shrine with our MTA and await her action. It helps us a lot and inspires us to be in contact with what is going on in our worldwide Schoenstatt Family", Marlene Peter comments.

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