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 published: 2004-08-13

The door of the Father will soon open to all the pilgrims

News from Rome, 40 days of the blessing of the Shrine in Belmonte, Rome

La "puerta del Padre", con cartel virtual... por ahora

The "Door of the Father", with (so far virtual) sign

Das "Tor des Vaters", mit (noch virtuellem) Willkommensschild

Foto: Lavini © 2004


En los Santuarios del mundo, las tinajas se llenan... : Santuario de Bellavista, Chile

The jars in the Shrines of the world are filled...: Shrine in Bellavista, Chile

In den Heiligtümern der Welt werden die Krüge gefüllt: Heiligtum in Bellavista, Chile

Foto: Vínculo/Galarce © 2004




ROME, Fr. Alberto Eronti. "It is as if I had been present ", mentioned equally Tita Ríos, of Parana, Argentina, and Hedwig Weinzierl, of Ruma, Serbia, on having received the news and photos of the Shrine in Belmonte on July 21, day of the collocation of the bell. " Receiving all the information from all over the world makes us feel a strong unity with Schoenstatt worldwide. The up to date news on what is happening in Rome was one of the determining factors for  my planned pilgrimage to Rome", mentioned Tish Holding, of South Africa. Fourty days of the blessing of the Shrine, the Father Eye Symbol to be attached to the door of the Shrine, a gift of the Schoenstatt Family of Argentina, yesterday, July 27, arrived to Schoenstatt. In Rome, the inner part of the large door of entry was removed and is now being renovated and painted; Father Kentenich walked through this door three times, with his visits to the land. In 40 days, it will be opened for the 2,500 or so pilgrims from all over the world ...

Fr. Alberto Eronti, our correspondent in Rome, shares about a visit to the construction site on July 28: This morning I have peregrinated up to Belmonte. After a rainy weekend I was asking myself how I would find everything. On having entered, I was impressed by the enormous movement of ground that has been realized in the last six weeks; both in the low part and in the middle zone, big heaps of ground are seen. The same one comes from the upper area of the Shrine; this part of the land has been lowered remarkably, as to thus provide the place that will occupy the house of the care-takers, and of the high part where the great tent will be in September. On having come closer the Shrine, I observed the great quantity of paving stones that will be placed in the first part of the raised area with its irregular form.

The windows are already ready

The Engineer, Leonardo Bonamoneta was giving instructions to the group of workers. On having seen me, he came closer and explained the ongoing work. Tomorrow the small window will be placed above the door of the Shrine, then they will remove the scaffoldings and the laying of the floor will start. The windows are already ready, except for one part that will come this week; that will allow to place the windows once the painting is finished.

The current rhythm makes me guess that already next week the bricklayers will begin to be employed at the house of the care-takers, which must be finished for May - June of next year. The first inhabitants of Belmonte will be a Brazilian couple of the Institute of the Families, who will come in the middle of August and that for a while will live in a nearby department.

Walking the way of Father Kentenich

Next week the work is focused on the high part of the area and the environment of the Shrine, to the end of making it possible that the pilgrims in September can move freely all over the area.

The surprise was that in the lower part of the land, towards the Via di Boccea, they removed the inner part of the large door of entry, which will be repaired and painted, since it is a real "relic": through this door, the Father and Founder entered the land three times! It is thought to have the door placed and opened for September 8 to the end that all those who want may "walk the way of the Father"! It's just 40 days to the blessing! May the water abound in the jars, that Maria descends and lives in Belmonte!

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