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 published: 2004-08-27

Less than weeks of the Blessing of the Shrine in Rome

The first Pilgrims to Rome arrived in Schoenstatt

Los primeros peregrinos "camino a Roma" llegaron a Schoenstatt: el grupo de Australia ("ampliado" por tres chicas de Estados Unidos)

The first pilgrims heading for Rome arrived to Schoenstatt: the group from Australia (here together with three girls from USA visiting PressOffice Schoenstatt)

Die ersten Pilger nach Rom sind in Schönstatt angekommen: die Pilger aus Australien, hier erweitert um drei Jugendliche aus USA, kamen am 25. August an. Hier beim Besuch im PressOffice.

Foto: POS Fischer © 2004




SCHOENSTATT, mkf. Less than two weeks from now, over 2,500 pilgrims will be in Rome to join in the celebrations of the blessing of the Shrine in Rome, the Shrine that the entire Schoenstatt Family has been built. The first pilgrims to Rome already arrived in Schoenstatt on Wednesday, coming from Australia; on Thursday, two groups from Chile arrived.

The pilgrims from Australia will stay in Schoenstatt for a week and then head to Rome. Pilgrims from Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Chile will arrive these days, bringing the whole Family's anticipation to Schoenstatt.

After the celebrations in Rome, pilgrim groups from Argentina, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico will come to Schoenstatt, as well as many individual pilgrims from various other countries.

On September 15, the Mass at 7.00 AM in the Adoration Church, will be in Spanish, and German (and English when English speaking people are present), with an Encounter with Father Kentenich in the Founder Chapel, followed by a Family Breakfast on Mount Schoenstatt... All are welcome!

Beginning of the 2nd session of the General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests

Other pilgrims were also arriving to Schoenstatt: the participants of General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests; the second session of the Congress started past Thursday; part of the Congress is the election of the new general council. They are grateful for prayers!

Process of Mario Hiriart moves to Rome

September 2, 2004, Cardinal Errázuriz, Santiago de Chile, will preside the closing session of the cause of Mario Hiriart on diocesan level. The documents will then be sent to Rome; in the morning of September 8, birthday of Mary and day of the blessing of the Shrine, they will be passed on the the responsable persons of the Congregation in Rome. With this, the processes of three Schoenstatt persons are worked on in Rome: Joseph Engling, Sister Emilie, and Mario Hiriart.

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