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 published: 2004-07-02

Let my home be your Shrine

Journey of Love 2004: National Conference of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign celebrating the 100th birthday of John Pozzobon, and the 50th anniversary of the Exile Shrine

Los participantes de la Jornada Nacional de la Campańa del Rosario

The participants of the National Convention of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, "Journey of Love"

Die Teilnehmer der Jahrestagung der Kampagne der Pilgernden Gottesmutter


Colocación (de nuevo) del símbolo del Padre en el Santuario de Exilio

Re-attachment of the Father Eye symbol in the Exile Shrine

Wieder-Anbringung des Vatersymbols im Exilheiligtum


Alianza de Amor en el Santuario de Exilio

Covenant of Love in the Exile Shrine

Liebesbündnis im Exilheiligtum


Renovación del compromiso misionero

Rosary Campaign coordinators' prayer

Erneuerung der Beauftragung


Bendición de Santuarios hogares de nińos

Blessing of children's home shrines

Hausheiligtümer von Kindern werden gesegnet


Cena festiva en honor de Joao Pozzobon

Festive banquet in honor of John Pozzobon

Festessen zu Ehren von Joăo Pozzobon


María Klein con la firma del Padre Kentenich en su cuadro de la MTA

Maria Klein with the signature of Father Kentenich on the back of the MTA picture

Maria Klein mit der Unterschrift von Pater Kentenich auf der Rückseite des MTA-Bilds


Visita a un Santuario Hogar

Visit to a Milwaukee Home Shrine

Besuch in einem Hausheiligtum in Milwaukee

Fotos: Swedzinski © 2004




USA, Lydia Slizzer. The 12th annual Journey of Love, from June 24-27, 2004, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, began and ended under an umbrella of blessings from heaven. Showers of grace poured out of the International Shrine as well as from the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee, uniting all in covenant. The Centennial of John Pozzobon, the Golden Jubilee of the Exile Shrine, and the idea of the home shrines marked the meeting.

"John Pozzobon Welcomes Us" was the title of a PowerPoint Presentation at the beginning of the Journey of Love National Conference on June 24, 2004.

Highlights of the International Shrine and Center, for 130+ delegates from 16 states, Puerto Rico, and Ireland, included five conferences - each presented in English and Spanish - and discussions which nourished the heart shrines and educated the spirits in their theme: LET MY HOME BE YOUR SHRINE!., with subjects on Home Church; "Catholicizing" our Homes: Places, Times, Quiet -; Home Shrine, Dedication of a Home Shrine; Evangelizing from my Home Shrine.

Another was the physical nourishment and recreations and bus tours that was received under the direction of the sisters and cheerful helpers. Apostolic fervor was renewed in the Eucharistic celebrations, benediction and rosaries.

Visiting the earliest home shrines in Milwaukee

Highlights at the Exile Shrine and Milwaukee Center were, by Divine Providence, equally grace-filled, educational, apostolic, and hospitable. Apostolic as well as hospitable graces will educate and nourish heart shrines through the visits to pioneer Milwaukee families’ home shrines. Hearts beat with grace in hearing personal stories of bonds with Father Kentenich. The joy-filled expressions of the storytellers infused heart shrines with Father Kentenich's saintliness, both human and supernatural. Eighteen Schoenstatt family members hailing from eight different states made their covenant of love at the Exile Shrine. The National Auxiliary Pilgrim Mother was crowned by Hope Falcon from Texas, a plaque was attached to the New York City Auxiliary.

The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Milwaukee hosted a buffet supper at which John Pozzobon received a centennial birthday tribute. Then followed the solemn jubilee Mass, and lastly Andy Horn from the pioneer group of the Milwaukee Schoenstatt family ceremoniously re-attached the father eye symbol in the Exile Shrine.

The Journey of Love was a journey indeed. It was moving. It was work. It was prayer. It had points of arrival, home coming, and sending forth, bursting with the Schoenstatt graces. All done in love.

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