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 published: 2004-07-15

The dream of Our Father and Founder and of the whole Schoenstatt Family is coming true!

The works at the International Shrine of Rome, anticipation grows, the jars are being filled...

El futuro Santuario Matri Ecclesiae, Julio de 2004

The future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, July 2004

Das werdende Matri Ecclesiae-Heiligtum, Juli 2004


Las tejas son "gemelas" de las del Santuario Original

The shingles are "twins" of those of the Original Shrine

Die Schieferplatten sind wie beim Urheiligtum


P. Georg Egle, el Sr. Poersch, arquitecta

Fr. Goerg Egle and the architect, Fr. Georg Egle

Pfr. Georg Egle und der Architekt, Herr Poersch


El techo en construcción

The roof is being laid



Ya está el campanario!

The bell tower is erected!

Das Türmchen ist schon drauf!



The arc is done

Der Apsisbogen ist fertig gemauert




Haus beim Heiligtum


Fotos: Poersch © 2004

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ROME, mkf. " It wanted to tell you that I follow closely the progress of the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, and the last photos really thrill. Beautiful, the bell tower is already there! The dream of Our Father and Father and of the whole Schoenstatt Familyis coming true! " - " Thank you for the photo of the Shrine in Rome. Here also we are filling the jars ". What Mariela Gazzaniga, of Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina, and Gabriela Kyling, of Valdivia, Chile, commented after the last publication of photos of the growing Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, it is like a summary of what at present moves and mobilizes the majority of the Schoenstatt Movement in the whole world. As the work in Belmonte advances, as the texts, translations and other organizational aspects for the great event of September are being done, the jars are filled, gifts are prepared, trips organized ... and the expectation grows for this great day of September 8, when Cardinal Ruini will dedicate the Shrine, the day when the contributions to the Capital of grace offered by the whole Schoenstatt Family of Schoenstatt will move the Blessed Mother to take possession of this Shrine, repeating in Rome that October 18, 1914...

Surely on having seen the new photos published today, following step by step the laying of the roof - structure, tiles, instruments used, asphalt layers - the contributions to the Capital of Grace will increase, making the jars overflow...

From Tanzania: "I'll be spiritually present"

"I am  very grateful for  the  information.  I hope   and  pray that  you celebrate  well  this  occasion  as   I  am  not  able  to  attend it", wrote Father Eladius Mutunzi from Tanzania. "I thought  it  would  have  been  better  had I gotten the news  before  but   I promise  to be  with  you  spiritually. I have  liked  the  description  about   the  jars  from  allover  the  world. But   I pity me  for   I am  far  away, poor  me. I would  be  very happy to to visit  Rome  and  see  the  Shrine  but  the  distance does not allow it. One day I hope to visit the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of the Church!"

From Panama: We take our jar .... no matter how difficult it may be!"

" What happiness to see that the construction of the Shrine goes very well; every day we approach more to the date of our departe from there. Thank you very much for his information, which keeps us very animated ", wrote Jeanneth Joly, who together with her husband will represent Panama in the blessing of the Shrine in Rome. "I have a question in relation to the jars, would like to know how small they might be? For us it is a bit difficult o take one in such a long trip provided that we have to travel via the United States, where they are doing a lot of control... But we take our jar... no matter how difficult it may be!"

" How nice that idea about the jars", says Ida Alemán, of Panama also. " Personally I will offer - as they say - the happy moments and the sufferings for the success of the Shrine of Rome ".

From Argentina: a joy that makes you write in Italian

" I hope we can send a jar also ", wrote Susana Mazaranas, a teacher in Goya. "I am sure Ines will find a way to do it, although nobody from here will attend."

"I stopped reading the book called 'Father Kentenich', written by Father Hernán Alessandri; and now I am reading the book " Esteban J. Uriburu, Priest and Adventurer ", of Maria Laura Sadi.

Besides I read everything and am interested in everything related to Schoenstatt, whether it comes to my hands by means of acquaintances or via Internet. I like to nourish myself every day more and to learn to discover that in every small thing our Mater is teaching us and educating us to be able to be this new man, this new society that so much the Father was longing for. I am very happy and anxious because so soon I will see with my own eyes "this beautiful bell twoer " and the "Original Shrine ".

Having read the last news on Rome, Liliana Campisi, of Cordoba, wrote again in Italian after a lot of time that she was not doing it - out of mere joy! She is one of 130 persons who will peregrinate from Argentina for the blessing of the Shrine in Rome, taking tje jars and " all our prayers, all our work "to the Shrine that so much our Father longed for..."... and that his family soon will give him, in order to together with him offer it to the Church!

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