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 published: 2004-07-27

Milwaukee Jubilee Impressions

The pilgrims are back home, the committee members take a deep breath… and look back in joy and gratitude - A testimonial review

Impresiones del Jubileo en Milwaukee

Milwaukee Jubilee Impressions

Eindrücke vom Jubiläum in Milwaukee


Todos recibieron los textos de las charlas en su idioma

All got the texts of the talks in their language

Alle bekamen die Texte der Vorträge zum Mitlesen in ihrer Sprache


Mons. Dolan: Alegría con la Cruz de la Unidad

Archbishop Dolan: Joy with the Unity Cross

Erzbischof Dolan freut sich am Kreuz der Einheit


Coro de las Hermanas

Sisters' Choir



Durante una charla

During a talk

Bei einem Vortrag


Antes de la Misa con el Arzobispo

Waiting for the Archbishop to come

Warten auf den Erzbischof


La estatua del Padre, con banderas de los países participandos

The Father statue with the flags of the participating countries

Vaterstatue mit den Fahnen der teilnehmenden Länder

Fotos: Jentz © 2004


Visita al Santuario Hogar de la Sra Moen

Visit to the Homeshrine of Mrs. Moen

Besuch im Hausheiligtum von Frau Moen


Visita al Santuario Hogar de la Sra Moen

Visit to the Homeshrine of Mrs. Moen

Besuch im Hausheiligtum von Frau Moen

Fotos: Selaya © 2004




USA, Margaret Steinhage Fenelon. My husband, Mark, and I had the tremendous privilege of being one of the couples on the Steering Committee that organized and ran Schoenstatt Family-Milwaukee’04. While it "cost" those of us on the committee months and months of hard work, it "paid" us in rewards that are too profound and numerous to recount in a simple article. However, let me try to share with you some of the impressions that most affected me during these past glorious and grace-filled days.

As I helped to make "airport runs" (picking up pilgrims from the airport in Milwaukee – the same airport through which our Father and Founder had passed on his way back to Rome at the end of the Exile), and as I spoke with pilgrims throughout the encounter, I tried to acquaint myself with who they were, where they were from, how our Blessed Mother had called them to Schoenstatt, and what had brought them to the jubilee celebration.

Their excitement and anticipation was absolutely contagious. Most, of course, came to give thanks for the Exile Shrine and to learn more about its message and meaning for the International Schoenstatt Family, the Church, and the world. Some felt oddly compelled to come for reasons that were unclear, at least initially. Others were seeking to experience this mysterious place called Milwaukee and to get to know our Founder as Father – a title that is often used internationally but that came to fruition only during the Exile. A few came to meet up with old friends. All of them certainly would agree that they had come because the MTA had called them to witness the importance and impact of the Exile on Schoenstatt’s mission for the Church past, present, and future.

Yesterday I went back to the Exile Shrine…

Yesterday, I went back to the Exile Shrine – to revel in the wonder of all the graces that had flowed through it and to recall the many fantastic little miracles that had happened during the jubilee celebration. I had flashbacks containing many beautiful images:

An elderly woman from Puerto Rico now living in the US who was overwhelmed with emotion as she knelt in the Shrine for the first time in twenty years

The complete elation as our family became "Father" for a day and welcomed international pilgrims into our home shrine as Father had done in his own home so many times during the Exile years

The father of a family who, after decades of scoffing at Schoenstatt and the Church, attended one of the Masses – and was impressed by it

A young man from Argentina whose eyes were opened in amazement by what he was learning about Father’s Exile, about what a happy, joyful time it was for the Schoenstatt Family here and the many little details of Father Kentenich’s role as "Father" here among the families

The countless stories of those who came to Milwaukee and experienced his fatherly presence

A mother from Paraguay whose family is separated because of a career relocation and who found such comfort in the experience of family here that she cried on my shoulder during Holy Mass

A gentleman from Germany who, at a loss for words in English, clicked his heels together and kissed my hand medieval-style as an expression of his delight in being here in Milwaukee

A woman from the US who discovered her home shrine symbol while visiting our home shrine

The delight in the eyes of our guests as we taught them about our home shrine and what we know of Father and the fruits of the Exile

An opportunity to meet with other families who carry in their hearts the same goals, same strivings, same love for our Father and his mission, yet live across the ocean from us

The constant flow of thanks, hellos, hugs, handshakes, waves and winks from afar as our international family passed by us during the hustle and bustle of the jubilee activities

The countless stories of individuals who came to Milwaukee with questions unsettling their hearts and had them mysteriously answered by Father during their time here

My ecstasy when, on a visit to the Exile Shrine, there was not a single place left for me to kneel

And finally, the opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to our guests who had made many plans and sacrifices in order to be a part of Schoenstatt Family-Milwaukee’04

And what impressions did others have?

"The essence of Schoenstatt Family-Milwaukee’04," said Sonia Bonelli, Rosary Campaign coordinator from Puerto Rico, "is that it was a journey into The Game of Love; Milwaukee is The Game of Love lived."

"Now Milwaukee is waking up," said Juan Pablo Matte of Chile. "Before it was in hiding, but not any more. Here in Milwaukee, Father Kentenich was a Father. From far away, it’s impossible to experience that. You have to come here to experience it for yourself."

Rosa Maria Wieland of Germany is grateful for the Exile. "If Father Kentenich had stayed in Germany [rather than having been exiled], then we never would have known Father here – as a true father to his family. The experience of being in Milwaukee is to be the child of the Father and the door to it all is the home shrine. In the home shrine, you see how Father truly lives in and through this family. Now the challenge for we [pilgrims] is to figure out how to give this Father experience on to others."

There are so many memories and impressions in the hearts of those who participated in Schoenstatt Family-Milwaukee’04; it’s impossible to say which of them is most outstanding. But surely we can think of this wonderful time together as a garden coming into full bloom – a bouquet of roses from the children to the Father. And as is his way, he’ll take this gift from one and pass it on to another!


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