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 published: 2004-06-08

In September: "On the road to Rome" - see you there…

The future Matri Ecclesiae Shrine is growing - the walls are already there

El terreno en Belmonte ... con el Santuario que crece

The land at Belmonte... with the growing Shrine

Das Gelände in Belmonte… auf dem man schon klar die Konturen des Heiligtums erkennt


Ya están listas las paredes

The walls are ready

Die Wände stehen schon


Con el Santuario, crece la anticipación

With the Shrine, the anticipation is growing

Mit dem Heiligtum wächst die Vorfreude




Das wird die Sakristei


"Gracias por compartir con nosotros el crecimiento de nuestro nuevo Santuario de Roma"

"Thanks for sharing with us the construction of our new Shrine in Rome!"

"Danke, dass wir beim Bau unseres Heiligtums in Rom so dabei sein können!"


Hoy en tres meses...

In three months from now...

Heute in drei Monaten …

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ROME/SCHOENSTATT, mkf. "In September: 'On the road to Rome' - see you there…", wrote Hilda Pagan, Puerto Rico, thus expressing what moves Hundreds of Schoenstatt members today, three months before the blessing of the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Belmonte, Rome. The Shrine is visibly growing, day by day, the walls are already there… The anticipation is growing, too, as well as the number of countries from where in September the Family of the Father will set out to Rome to give him the Shrine, promised to him almost fourty years ago…

"Three couples representing the Schoenstatt Families of Hungary would like to take part in the dedication of the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Belmonte-Rome in September 8", Zoltan Alfoldi wrote June 7, his mail coming in together with a new set of photos from Belmonte. "This is a real joy not only to hear but also to see that the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine in Rome is growing. We hope to meet in Rome in September", he added after having gotten a "pre-view" of these photos.

"E-Mail and Internet must have been invented only for our Schoenstatt family to be united (vinculados!)! How great to see our Rome Shrine growing! We from Austria also come!! We, as a family, also, indeed!!!!!! We are coming!!!! That is a totally special highlight for us. With our youngest daughter, Johanna, we'll fly September 4 - 10 from Vienna to Rome! The Baumgartner will also come with their children, probably with the night train, also the Sickinger, Schröer, probably also the Fellhofer. We organized that these days and are totally happy with anticipation", wrote Inge Haslinger, Austria.

From South Africa and Panama, Costa Rica and Australia

" Of the Province of Colón, Panama, so far 18 to 22 persons are going to Rome", wrote Ida Aleman, of Panama: " Do you know from which part of Hungary the couples come who participate in Rome? In Budapest, in the House of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd there is a Pilgrim MTA, taken here from Panama by a relative of the ambassador…"

Jeanneth Joly de González, member of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campagn in the City of Colón, Panama, wants to know if, in addition to the Capital of Grace that they bring on behalf of the Schoenstatt family of Panama, "there is some gift that we, the pilgrims from Colón, could bring as gift for the Chapel or the Father and Sisters who are there."

From South Africa, Tish Holding, of the Mothers' Federation, will participate with one or two other mothers - a small but enthusiastic delegation

Fill the jars!

" Thank you for sharing with us the growth of our new Sanctum of Rome", wrote Alicia and Miguel Bellone, persons in charge for the Rosary Campaign in La Plata, Argentina. "We are already filling the jars. " In Cordoba, and in Buenos Aires, the Schoenstatt family is invited to meet with Father Alberto Eronti, correspondent of in Rome, who speaks to them on the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine and its mission.

To receive the news, to see the photos, "helps us to be closer in the spiritual construction ", says Maia Hary, of Rosario, Argentina; in the Shrine, a jar reminds all to offer capital of grace for the Shrine in Rome.

"How about an enquiry into what people are offering in the Jars for Rome?", asks Father Michael Savage, Scotland.

Do not forget us

" With great happiness and a lot of faith and hope in our MTA we wish that in this Shrine the grace of having a home, and all the hope Christians need, will be offered in abundance. We ask all when they are in Rome, not to forget our children and their constant needs ", writes Mary Krossler, Florenio Varela, person in charge for the House of the Child "Father José Kentenich".

They will not be forgotten ... neither all those who cannot take part. is present, in Rome, and is going to publish day per day the last photos and news ... it is also again possible, to send mails with greetings, wishes… directly to the family congregated in Rome in these days.

Is it interesting to know where there are simultaneous celebrations this day, to connect…

"It is an emotive and gratifying privilege to know and live through the physical and spiritual development of the Shrine," wirtes Luis Celma, of Paraguay. " The manifest will of the Father "gives" us a special "piece of heaven" in Rome. May we be worthy of this gift."

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