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 published: 2004-06-22

The Workings of Divine Providence on the Reservation!

The first Native Americans to enter the Convenant of Love were the Menomonee Indians in Keshena


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USA, Sr. Marie Day. During the Internatioanl Encounter at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Exile Shrine, Native American Indians will be dancing. A special event! Once Father Kentenich learned about the USA and the fact that many Native American tribes were located throughout the country, his question was: Which tribe will the MTA choose to be the first to enter into the covenant of love? Divine Providence took care that this first tribe were the Menomonee Indians in Keshena, WI. How did it happen? Let us journey back to 1964 and recall the traces of Godís loving game of love!

In 1964 the German community at St. Michaelís parish wanted to give a Joseph Engling stone as a gift for the fiftieth anniversary of Father Kentenichís ordination. Father suggested that they look in various glacier areas in Wisconsin. One day, Father Brell, Father Tick, and Father Joseph Haas decided to go to northern Wisconsin to a small town called Canton to look for a stone. On the way they were very intent in listening to the radio because it was just at that time that the first astronaut was landing. Because of this, they got lost, ending up at Keshena Falls. Father Haas looked around and spotted a beautiful boulder but the others did not want to waste any time since they needed to continue on their way. They did give Father Haas five minutes to look at the boulder and then they were on their way to Canton. In Canton they found the boulders to be a limestone and not hard as the one in Keshena. So, back to where Divine Providence had led them in the first place! They asked at the Information Bureau if they could purchase the stone and were given permission immediately. They returned to Milwaukee to inform Father Kentenich of their findings!

The Joseph Engling Stone and a little wayside shrine

In a short time, but after a great struggle, the very huge stone was pulled from the river and was on its way to Milwaukee. On August 15, 1965, the Joseph Engling stone was erected behind the International Shrine of the Father Kingdom.

On October 7, 1967, a small group traveled from Milwaukee to Keshena to erect a little wayside shrine at the side where the boulder was taken. It was to be a token of gratitude for this gift. With this the MTA took root on the reservation!

After time she began calling hearts to herself and on April 20, 1971, the Menomonee Indians sealed the covenant of love with the Mother Thrice Admirable on the "exile altar" (the altar which was temporarily removed from the shrine) in the Movement House. These were the first ones chosen!

Eventually the little Schoenstatt Family in Keshena placed the MTA picture in a little room at the back of their parish church, St. Michael. In 1980 they crowned her there as Queen of Unity.

The Jubilee Gift of the Keshena Schoenstatt Family

Year after year our Blessed Mother has drawn hearts to herself. Many come to light a candle before her picture, and present their petitions and thanksgivings to her.

Now in the jubilee of the Exile Shrine, the Schoenstatt Family in Keshena is preparing a gift for the jubilee. They are fixing up the home shrine of the MTA in the church and will re-crown her again. With this re-crowning they will also re-crown in our home shrines. A crown for a crown! A gift for Father Kentenich!

The Schoenstatt families in Keshena, would like to invite you for the re-crowning in our parish church. Please mark your calendar now and plan to join us. The date is September 12, 2004!

Come celebrate with us the workings of Divine Providence on the reservation!

From: Schoenstatt Family Magazine, Summer 2004

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