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 published: 2004-06-30

A pilgrimage to Atibaia

Pilgrimage of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Sao Paulo to the Shrine in Atibaia

Hacia el Santuario de Atibaia

Heading to the Shrine in Atibaia

Auf dem Weg zum Heiligtum in Atibaia


La Auxiliar en andas

The Auxiliary was carried in a flower-decorated carrier

Die Auxiliar wurde auf einem blumengeschmückten Gestell getragen


P. Argemiro Ferracioli: Charla sobre Don Joao Pozzobon

Fr. Argemiro Ferracioli: talk about John Pozzobon

P. Argemiro Ferracioli: Vortrag über Joao Pozzobon



Festive Mass







Tierra del Santuario

Soil from the Shrine

Erde vom Heiligtum


Recibe la corona...

Accept the crown...

Nimm an die Krone ...


Hna. M. Isabel

Talk by Sr. M. Isabel

Vortrag von Schw. M. Isabel

Fotos: Cammarota © 2004




BRAZIL, Selma Cammarota. Once again, the Sé Region in São Paulo, organized its traditional pilgrimage to the shrine in Atibaia. Nineteen buses, leaving from the different neighborhoods of the Sé region, went to the shrine in Atibaia, taking 860 people in total, including 15 priests! The rain that was pouring down, sometimes quite heavily, did not spoil the beauty of the day. On the contrary, there were several blessings achieved.

After a delicious breakfast, prepared by the Sisters, everyone gathered at the Cross, beside the image of Saint Michael. From here they left in procession with the Auxiliary Pilgrim MTA, on a way beautifully adorned with flowers. Their first stop was in the Shrine where there was a greeting to Mary and the deliver of requests, brought by the participants, with the names of the members of their families and of the missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother, their families and friends. After that, always in procession with the Pilgrim MTA's, they went to the tent where Fr. Argemiro, postulator for the canonization of John Pozzobon was waiting for them. He had  come from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, especially for their meeting. The topic of his lecture was, "How John Pozzobon showed Jesus to The People". Following that there was the Eucharistic Blessing. All the activities were accompanied by beautiful and moving songs.

Preparing the land of our hearts and homes

After lunch there was a lecture delivered by Sister Isabel, where she emphasised that we need to make from our hearts a good land and that it is our prayer life that transforms and fertlizes the land of our homes. Packages with earth and seeds from the Shrine were distributed after the Holy Mass, to be planted in our houses, symbolizing growth and new life. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Argemiro and con-celebrated by the priests that during the whole day, had also attended to confessions. The highlight of the day was the coronation of a huge Image of the Queen Mother. The crown was raised at the words of the song "Perfect is the one that created you". When it reached the top of the Image, a "rain"of small little pieces of blue paper fell over her, ending the very emotional ceremony. Several people that had participated for the first time in a pilgrimage and that had never been to the Shrine were delighted with all that happened during the day because they could live the charisma of the movement and the blessing of the interior transformation. It was nice to see the happiness of the community and union of everyone in one ideal. For the success of our meeting the missionaries prayed a novena asking for the blessings of the pilgrimage and offered a lot to the capital of grace.

English edition: Paula Dudgeon, Minnesota, USA

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