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 published: 2004-05-18

"We discovered we had wonderful children who are capable of doing anything for us because they love us"

Pilgrimage to Schoenstatt as a thanksgiving for the graces received from the MTA


Kikí y Guillermo Tagle, de Santiago,  Chile, en el Santuario Original - un milagro visible

Kikí y Guillermo Tagle, from Santiago, Chile, at the Original Shrine - a miracle that one can see

Kikí und Guillermo Tagle aus Santiago, Chile, am Urheiligtum - ein Wunder, das man sehen kann


Kikí y Guillermo Tagle con sus hijos y yernos

Kikí and Guillermo Tagle with their sons, daughter, daughters-in-law, son-in-law

Kikí und Guillermo Tagle mit ihren Söhnen, Tochter, Schiegertöchtern und -sohn


Peregrinación de Osnabrück: banda de música familiar

Osnabrück pilgrimage: family music band

Wallfahrt aus Osnabrück: Familien-Musikband


Los más chicos integrantes de la banda de música

The youngest members of the band

Die jüngsten Bandmitglieder


Peregrinos de Osnabrück en el Santuario Original

Pilgrims from Osnabrück at the Original Shrine

Wallfahrer aus Osnabrück beim Urheiligtum

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2004


Santuario de Monte Sión

Shrine at Mount Sion

Heiligtum auf Berg Sion

Foto: Mas © 2004




SCHOENSTATT, mkf. ‘This pilgrimage is in thanksgiving for the wonders Kiki and Guillermo Tagle have experienced.’ Kiki and Guillermo, along with their nine children and their spouses, traveled from Santiago de Chile to Schoenstatt. They all arrived in Schoenstatt to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary and to give thanks for the wonders received after an accident that occurred in 2000. Seminarians from Belgium also arrived in Schoenstatt, as did the annual pilgrimage from the Diocese of Osnabrück and seminarians from the Schoenstatt Fathers who are preparing for their ordination next Saturday.

On the Covenant Day of May 18th, the Tagle couple celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with Mass in the Adoration Church at 9:30 A.M. When they came home from the hospital following their accident in 2000, Kiki and Guillermo Tagle wrote, "We discovered we have wonderful children who are capable of doing anything for us because they love us". Their children began a Schoenstatt prayer chain all over Chile and the Shrines around the world right after their parents’ terrible car accident. The accident occurred when the couple were driving home after a Schoenstatt meeting. They asked Mario Hiriart for his intersession. Mario Hiriart was a friend and group companion of Guillermo Tagle, their father. They faithfully prayed for a miracle to this servant of God, and a member of the Institute of the Brothers of Mary. Following Mass in the Original Shrine on May 17th, 2004,Kiki Tagle said, "Three doctors firmly stated that I would live in a vegetative state".

Confidence and family solidarity

The Tagle family arrived on Sunday, May 16th in the afternoon. Their first visit was to the Original Shrine. Guillermo Tagle said, "Where ever we go in Schoenstatt we run into people who say, ‘I prayed for you.’ They really prayed. They remember that. This is very moving." It is the confidence, the strength of faith and family love, and perhaps because it was the first Schoenstatt prayer chain on the Internet. The Tagles’ said, "There were thousands of prayers that maybe touched heaven allowing us to extend our stay on earth…" so we can carry on the wonders of the MTA and those wonders of the family, their own family and the Schoenstatt Family.

Everything was given in the place of grace

Father Franz Widmayer explained to the pilgrims who arrived from Belgium and from the diocese of Osnabrück that each pilgrimage is an act of thankfulness and confidence. He encouraged them to bring all their thankfulness and their concerns to the places of grace, and to pray for their loved ones and for the great needs of Germany and all over the world: for work, for the Christians who suffer prosecution in China, North Korea and other Islamic countries; for those who are escaping the war in Sudan. He also encouraged them to give thanks for the wonders that the MTA, the Schoenstatt Mother Thrice Admirable has done. He reminded the pilgrims of the blessing of the Shrine in Garanhuns, Brazil, where 50,000 people attended.

Seminarians of the Schoenstatt Fathers were preparing themselves for their diaconal ordination on Thursday, May 20.

Translation: Vera Gamez, Austin, Texas, USA/Paula Dudgeon, Minnesota, USA

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