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 published: 2004-05-18

That from the seed of Schoenstatt abundant life may rise… in Ghana

Schoenstatt, Rome, Ghana: How often in world history have not small and insignificant beginnings been the source of great and greatest accomplishments?


Grupo de Rosario en Ghana, con el  cuadro de la Mater

Rosary prayer group in Ghana, with MTA  picture

Rosenkranz-Gebetsgruppe in Ghana mit dem MTA-Bild

Foto: Benuyenah © 2004




ROME/GHANA,mkf. A colorful,medium-size flag of Ghana in Schoenstatt, a priest from Ghana studying in Rome, meeting with a Schoenstatt Father from Argentina for Schoenstatt discussions, and sharing Schoenstatt with fellow students, and a Family Rosary Apostolate Group gathered around a big MTA picture in Wusuta, Ghana: the small beginnings of Schoenstatt in Ghana, West Africa?

Father Raphael Azarias Benuyenah, from Ghana, happened to get to know Schoenstatt while studying German in Germany, and got into closer contact last summer while spending some weeks in Schoenstatt. There, he got to know Marge Rolan, Schoenstatt pioneer in Oregon, USA…and pioneers had found each other.

Now a letter sent from Rome brought a Ghana flag to Schoenstatt, a photo, and the news: "I am very happy to inform you that God has planted the seed of the International Schoenstatt Movement in Ghana through the Family Rosary Apostolate."

An MTA picture in Ghana

Father Raphael explains, that the leader of this group is his father, and continues: "My father brought us up in the spirit of family prayer and the daily Rosary prayer. Now he received the Schoenstatt picture. I am sure this is a humble beginning and a preparation for my hopeful mission in the future. Let us pray that God himself will bring this beginning to a great fruition."

Father Raphael is meeting with Father Alberto Eronti in Rome on a regular base, and preparing for his Covenant of Love - while sharing Schoenstatt with other priests in the university in Rome.

Seems the Blessed Mother has once again kept to his promise and drawn youthful hearts to herself…for Schoenstatt in Ghana.

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