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 published: 2004-05-25

Start of construction of the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Hungary

The blessing is scheduled for April 2, 2005 - The first Hungarian Schoenstatt Shrine is built near Lake Balaton

Santuario Hogar en la Casa Schoenstatt en Obudavar, Hungría

Home Shrine in the Schoenstatt House in Obudavar, Hungary

Hausheiligtum im Schönstatt-Haus in Obudavar, Ungarn

Foto:Godany © 2004


Robert y Rita Godany, pioneros de Schoenstatt en Hungría

Robert and Rita Godany, Schoenstatt pioneers in Hungary

Rita und Robert Godany, Schönstatt-Pioniere in Ungarn

Foto: POS Brehm © 2004




HUNGARY, mkf. These days, the groundbreaking for the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Hungary will take place.

The first Hungarian Schoenstatt Shrine will soon be built in Obudavar, near Lake Balaton, the small village where, after returning from Austria, the first Hungarian Schoenstatt family, Robert and Rita Godany, moved in.

They have a mission for Hungary. During a visit to Milwaukee, Father Kentenich spoke to Robert Godany about how Schoenstatt could and should grow in new countries - inculturation, responsibility of the native people -, and that he should always be lead by the idea - My home, my country should become Schoenstatt. Then, he did not understand what these words of the Founder would imply. Only later he understood that he had spoken about his mission for Hungary, that he knew they should be instruments to bring Schoenstatt to Hungary.

Corner stone laying on July 3, 2004

The corner stone laying will be on July 3, 2004; the dedication is scheduled for April 2, 2004, Saturday after Easter.

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