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 published: 2004-04-20

The anticipation is mounting: Milwaukee "Shrine Jubilee Celebration"

Fifty years of the Exile Shrine in Milwaukee

El Santuario en Milwaukee cumple 50 años el 18 de octubre de 2004

October 18, 2004, the Shrine in Milwaukee will be 50 years old

Am 18. Oktober 2004 wird das Heiligtum in Milwaukee 50 Jahre alt


De la ventana de su oficina, el Padre Kentenich miró a menudo al Santuario naciendo

From the window of his office, Father Kentenich could watch the Shrine grow

Vom Fenster seines Büros aus konnte Pater Kentenich das Werden des Heiligtums beobachten

Fotos: Johannes Minten © 2004


Cemeterio cerca del Santuario

Cemetry close to the Shrine

Friedhof beim Heiligtum


El Santuario en Milwaukee, Santuario del Exilio

The Shrine in Milwaukee – the Exile Shrine

Das Heiligtum in Milwaukee – das Exilheiligtum


Lago Michigan: como el Padre Kentenich...

Lake Michigan: skipping stones like Father Kentenich did

Michigan-See: wie Pater Kentenich...

Fotos: Krzmarzick © 2004




USA, Margaret St. Fenelon. On October 18, 2004, the shrine Schoenstatters have lovingly come to know as the "Exile Shrine" will be 50 years old. In celebration of this golden jubilee, the Milwaukee Schoenstatt Family is planning a four-day, international encounter July 8 -11, 2004. All are invited to spiritually or physically participate.

For four days, the grounds at St. Vincent Pallotti-East (the former Holy Cross Parish) in Milwaukee and the International Schoenstatt Center in Waukesha will be teaming with life and excitement. Among the many activities planned are an international cultural festival, a picnic at Grant Park (complete with skipping stones into Lake Michigan as Father Kentenich did), visits to area home shrines and other exile places, and a jubilee holy Mass with Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee, on July 10.

The Shrine where Father Kentenich said more than 3,000 Masses

The Exile Shrine holds an outstanding place in Schoenstatt history. It was built during Father Kentenich’s exile in Milwaukee by the hands of Pallottine priests under the founder’s watchful eyes in the view of his office window. Father Kentenich said more than 3,000 holy Masses there and spent many hours there conversing with the Blessed Mother and Triune God. This is the shrine in which Father accepted the covenant of love of the famous "Pioneer Couples" of Milwaukee, the first couples there to open themselves for the Schoenstatt message.

Since its dedication in 1954, thousands of pilgrims have come to the Exile Shrine to receive the graces our Mother Thrice Admirable distributes from her throne there and to deepen their love for their father and founder.

Delegations coming from Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Domincan Republic, Canada, Germany

The jubilee encounter is open to our world wide Schoenstatt Family of all ages and branches. Space and logistic limitations will allow 500 pilgrims. At present, more than 400 pilgrims have registered from countries throughout the world, such as Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Canada, and of course the continental United States.

The anticipation is mounting and the final planning stages are underway…

Until May 1, it is still possible to register for participation; ask for the registration form at:

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