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 published: 2004-03-23

"Take it, for a child in Spain that now does not have a mom"

On the 18th and the Feastday of St. Joseph: Schoenstatt joins in prayer for the victims of the attacks of Madrid and in the responsibility for the mission of the Father Kentenich

San José con el Niño, y el rosario, en el Santuario de Cornelio Procopio, Brasil

St. Joseph with the child, and the rosary, in the Shrine in Cornelio Procopio, Brazil

Der hl.Josef mit dem Kind und dem Rosenkranz, im Heiligtum in Cornelio Procopio, Brasilien

Foto: Cabral © 2004


El 19 de marzo - día del Santo del Padre José Kentenich

March 19 - Father Kentenich's nameday

19. März - Namenstag von Pater Kentenich

Foto: Archiv © 2004


Schoenstatt, 18 de marzo de 2004

Schoenstatt, March 18, 2004

Schönstatt am 18. März 2004

Foto: POS Fischer © 2004


Oración por las victimas de los atentados de Madrid en el Santuario de Puffendorf, Aachen, Alemania

Prayer for the victims of the terror attacks of Madrid, in the Shrine in Puffendorf, Aachen, Germany

Gebet für die Opfer der Terroranschläge von Madrid im Heiligtum in Puffendorf, Aachen, Deutschland

Foto: Pons © 2004


Renovación de la Alianza, 18 de marzo, en Schoenstatt

Renewal of the Covenant, March 18, in Schoenstatt

Bündnisfeier am 18. März in Schönstatt


Jovenes con las banderas de sus países (y de otros países)

Youth carrying the flags of their own or other countries

Jugendliche mit den Fahnen ihrer Länder - oder auch von anderen


El Padre Lukas Wehrle (der.), con el Padre Franz Widmaier

Fr. Lukas Wehrle, with Fr. Franz Widmaier

Pfr. Lukas Wehrle mit Pater Franz Widmaier


Cantan los bolivianos

Song of the youth from Bolivia

Lied der Bolivianer


Argentina se hace presente

Argentina is also there

Argentinien macht sich bemerkbar


Patty Cabero, de La Paz, Bolivia

Patty Cabero, from La Paz, Bolivia

Patty Cabero aus La Paz, Bolivien


La tumba del Padre, con cartas, fotos, flores ...

The tomb of Father Kentenich, literally covered with flowers, letters, photos...

Die Sterbestelle Pater Kentenichs, bedeckt mit Briefen, Blumen, Fotos…


Misa del 19 de marzo

Festive Mass in honor of St. Joseph

Festmesse zu Ehren des heiligen Josef


Dos seminaristas de los Padres de Schoenstatt: Federico Piedrabuena, de Paraná, Argentina, y Afonso Wosny (der.), de Londrina, Brasil - hablando sobre

Students of the Schoenstatt Fathers talking about - Federico Piedrabuena, from Paraná, Argentina, and Afonso Wosny (right.), from Londrina, Brasil

Studenten der Schönstattpatres im Gespräch über Artikel aus - Federico Piedrabuena, aus Paraná, Argentinien, und Afonso Wosny (rechts), aus Londrina, Brasilien

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2004




SCHOENSTATT, mkf. On March 19, the feastday of St. Joseph is celebrated, Father Kentenich's nameday. A day of gratitude for his life, his mission and his fatherliness, his closeness to God and to people, that he gave and continues giving to the family and all those who approach him; a day also of realizing and considering the responsibility of going ahead with the mission like he did, with the ear in God's heart and the hand in the pulsation of time (knowing that the key is "and"), taking into account, as he did, the events of time... To a week of the attacks of Madrid, the Schoenstatt family on March 18 joined in the prayer for the victims of the attacks of Madrid, considering what in these days proved to be the basic wishes and attitudes: solidarity, peace, prayer, to be present in the pain that touches the others...

It is the feastday of St.Joseph, faithful man, serving Jesús and Mary selflessly. In the Shrine in Cornelio Procopio, Brazil there is a statue of St. Joseph that does not hold the usual tool, but the Child. St. Joseph like the Child has a rosary. It's the mysteries of Jesus' life that are contemplated in the Rosary; in these weeks - when "The Passion of the Christ" came or comes to the cinemas - it's especially the painful mysteries that this movie "ponders", and that Christ lives again in his world in Madrid and in Baghdad, in Kosovo and in families where love is absent...

From Madrid, Father Eduardo Aguirre writes:

On behalf of the Schoenstatt family of Madrid, I want to be very sincerely grateful to all of you for your prayers, yours solidarity greeting and the current of prayer that has been motivated from Schoenstatt, in these moments of pain and consternation. Since well you can imagine, this inhuman, brutal and diabolical attack here has deeply shocked the members of our Schoenstatt family, as well as all the Spanish and the people of good will of the entire world.

A great sign of hope: showing solidarity

But in the middle of all this frightfulness and the indignation for these coward, senseless murders, we state, as a great sign of hope, the solidarity and massive reaction of the immense majority that pushes back the violence and that wants to try ways of peace and understanding. In this respect, we feel comforted and encouraged to receive your messages and your support in prayer. At the same time, motivated by faith and as we have learned in the school of our Father, the question arises: how can we understand all that in the light of the faith? What does God the Father tell us with all these events?...

There can be different analyses and responses, but undoubtedly these events have to motivate us to profound consideration; they have to make us reflect on the demand of our own conversion and of our responsibility as Christians in the construction of the society ... in order that it be more human, more just, in peace ... and more of God. In Spain, in our Schoenstatt family and in our globalized world, all persons of good will we have to feel addressed. This affects all of us; nobody can feel indifferent or distant.

In the power of our Covenant of Love and supported by the prophetic charisma of our Father, as Schoenstatt Family, we want to look ahead hopefully and with renewed capacity of commitment, as instruments of our Mother and Queen, to help to construct a Marian culture, of life and of love. More that never, we feel the urgency of our mission, which achievement begins in our own hearts, happening for the construction of our natural families, opening more and more our Shrines to the Church and defying us to a major apostolic commitment ".

In Spain, in our Schoenstatt family and in this included world, all the persons of good will we have to feel addressed. This affects all of us; nobody can feel indifferent or foreign.

In the power of our Covenant of love and supported in the prophetic charisma of our Father, as Schoenstatt Family, we want to look ahead hopefully and with renewed capacity of commitment, as instruments of our Mother and Queen, to help to construct a Marian culture, of life and love. More than never, we feel the urgency of our mission, which begins in our own hearts, happening first in our natural families. " If you do not do as children ... " In Schoenstatt be said especially in the Illuminated Rosary of April 3 by the victims of the attacks and all those who today joined in prayer for them

To open the doors of the Original Shrine

In the morning of March 18, Covenant Day, in the Mass in the Original Shrine, Fr. Lukas Wehrle, of the Schoenstatt- Institute of Diocesan Priests, invited all to open spiritually the doors of the Original Shrine and to imagine the immense quantity of people that this day would make a spiritual pilgrimage to the source graces ... a multitude with their hands loaded with pain, confidence, love, surrender, fear, anxiety, illusions and disappointments, as contribution to the capital of grace ... that the Blessed Mother would accept and transforms into the capital of grace, grace that she will distribute to those who so much need it. Prayers were said also for the pilgrimage of the cross of the World Youth Day that Sunday, April 4, arrives to Germany, together with the image of Our Lady of Santa Maria Maggiore (the copy of the picture is venerated in Ingolstadt since 400 years, under the title: Mater ter admirabilis). He mentioned also that today, Covenant Day, "The Passion of the Christ" of Mel Gibson would get to the cinemas in Germany and Austria - a hard movie that confronts all with the force and the cruelty of the suffering that Christ endured for us; a movie that provoked in many a deep experience of faith.

At the end of this Mass, the Pilgrim MTA N°. 4000 for Germany was blessed.

In the Original Shrine, the rosary was said that morning for the victims of Madrid, as well as also in the Shrine of the Women's Federation.

The Cross of World Youth Day coming to Germany

As each 18, at 7.30 PM, the Schoenstatt family gathered in the Adoration Church. The tomb of Father Kentenich was already arranged with the prettiest flowers, a great bouquet of roses, and a white lily behind a Pilgrim MTA. To the beginning of the celebration, Father Penners greeted those present, especially the mothers of the diocese of Münster, who were participating in a retreat, and the couples of the Federation of Families. He mentioned briefly the wish expressed by many people, of praying for the victims of the attacks in Spain. The celebration itselfhowever was centred on the arrival of the Cross of World Youth Day and the image of the Virgin who accompanies the cross in its pilgrimage through Germany.

United with all, those present renewed the Covenant of Love, and then the jars with the contributions to the capital of grace were taken to the fire. While the slips of paper were burned, a few young people from Bolivia and Hungary sang to Jesus and to Mary.

My letter to the Father Kentenich

Many messages came to greet and ask Father Kentenich on his nameday - from Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Bolivia, Paraguay, the United States, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Great Britain…. The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Goya, Argentina, promised to pray the Thousand Hail Mary for all those who entrusted to Father Kentenich their prayers, petitions, joys, confidence. In the evening the Mass was celebrated in honor of St. Joseph and in gratitude for the Father and Founder; all the messages sent to him were present.

St. Joseph - be believed, he obeyed, he loved

Like already on January 20, the festive Mass was celebrated at 7:30 PM to make it possible for a bigger number of people to participate in the Mass. At the beginning, in a very nice way, all Josephs whether man or woman of concelebrant - pointing at Father Joseph Barmettler at the altar - were congratulated to their nameday by the main celebrant, Monsignor Zimmerer, Director General of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. The choir of the sisters, accompanied by organ and flute, provided festive and joyful songs. In his sermon, Monsignor Zimmerer characterized St. Joseph with the three attitudes: he believed, he obeyed, he loved.

Despite of the darkness and rainy weather, many stayed afterwards to meet and great - thus closing the day in spirit of family.

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