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 published: 2004-02-03

Initiative against the legalization of Euthanasia

The Mother’s Branch of the Schoenstatt Movement of Baden-Württemberg supports the call made by the German Episcopal Conference to the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council to reject all forms of euthanasia

Las iniciadoras de "Dignidad humana en cada momento de la vida - No a la legalización de la eutanasia": responsables de la Rama de Madres de Alemania

The initiators of "Human dignity in each phase of life - No legalization of euthanasia!": Leaders of the Schoenstatt Mothers' League in Southern Germany

Die Initatorinnen von "Menschenwürde in jeder Lebensphase - Nein zur Legalisierung der aktiven Sterbehilfe": Führungskreis der Schönstatt-Bewegung Frauen und Mütter in Baden-Württemberg

Foto: Spannagel © 2004


Foto: © 2004


GERMANY, jmk. The meeting went on until 2:00 a.m. The team of leaders of the Mothers’ Branch of the Freiburg y Rottenburg-Stuttgart dioceses gathered to formulate texts, to prepare the roster with signatures and to coordinate tasks. They gave themselves with momentum and enthusiasm to their "new mission": opening with the years’ topic of the Mothers’ Branch: - "Because you are precious and valuable before my eyes!" - they felt impelled to participate in the debate about the legalization of active euthanasia and to mobilize against any form of legalization of the euthanasia in Germany and Europe.

The apparent motive was the call made by the German Episcopal Conference on January 19th, 2004 to the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council to reject all forms of active euthanasia. After last week’s nullification and postponement (until this spring) of the bill of law presented by Swiss Deputy Dick Marty, it is important now to act in favor of the human dignity in all stages of life said the representatives of the Mothers’ Branch of the Schoenstatt Movement. This remark was said during their working days held on January 29th and February 2nd, 2004 in Oberkirch/Baden where they intensely discussed about the legalization of the active euthanasia. They exposed questions such as:

Is it really like that –as Dick Marty (Swiss), Liberal Party deputy demands - that nobody has the right to force to live terminally ill or dying patients?

"I am afraid of solitude when I die!"

Many ladies from the Mothers’ Branch daily experience that life is worthy of protection in all its stages. They commit honorably and professionally to the care of elderly and sick people, to the sanitary welfare of the families and the hospice movements (place of assistance so that terminally ill people have a dignified death). To die with dignity implies that the dying is not left alone or neglected in their needs.

Just before dying, a young man said: "I am not afraid of death, since it’s like a release. Nevertheless, I am afraid of dying in solitude, because nobody wants to be with me in that path". Just recently he received help; it was possible to provide him a place in the hospice. There, he found people who let him know: "to us, you are very valuable! We will not leave you alone! This young man died with a smile in his face. Loving companionship, an affectionate attention and the improvement of the palliative medical assistance could be the aid needed for the journey from this world to the next.

The moment that only God can arrange

Alexa Clemens, a nurse who belongs to the Schoenstatt Movement wrote to the Mothers’ Branch:

"I have been working more than twenty years as a nurse… After all these years I have never seen anyone pass away before the time God determined for their existence. Some people need more time than others, but all need that time to be in peace with themselves, with their loved ones, with their Creator... no matter if young or elderly …" Who else, but God, could determine that time for the dying?

Seeking allies

The Mothers’ Branch of Baden-Württemberg decided to support the position of the German Episcopal Conference, and by doing this, to protect the dignity of human beings and their absolute right to live. A letter has been formulated in attention to Professor Maria Bohmer, PhD, member of the Federal Executive Commission of the Conservative Party (CDU) asking his support. Also, a roster with signatures was drafted and will be distributed soon. In the next couple of days, the Mothers’ Branch will contact possible allies of the spiritual movements and others who work in Initiatives which interest is the protection of the human dignity and life.

The Mothers’ Branch is grateful of the positive response within the Schoenstatt Movement. The call made by the Mothers’ Branch of the Schoenstatt Movement was followed by representatives who belong to the Initiative for the Protection of Embryos, Ruth and Peter Fisher, and many other members of the Schoenstatt Movements of Germany and Austria.

"We came up with the idea to crown the Blessed Mother as Queen of the Human Dignity" said one of the ladies. "Thus, this means we must be active in favor of the human dignity. I am pleased we have taken this step forward"

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