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 published: 2004-02-13

Open Doors and Open Hearts for the World's Youth

News from the Schoenstatt Project Office for the World Youth Day

SCHOENSTATT, Fr. Duncan McVicar. During the month of February the Schoenstatt Project Office for the World Youth Day invited the people responsible for the various houses and conference centres in Schoenstatt to an informal "info-Afternoon". Information and updates could be offered on the World Youth programme and the various issues of accommodation and catering during the Youth Celebrations in August, 2005.

After light refreshments and a brief information package, questions and suggestions were considered and discussed. What is the feeling in the Schoenstatt Houses? Simply this: Open doors and open hearts for the world's youth! The upbeat and constructive meetings gave a special feeling of enthusiasm and interest in the coming celebrations and youth encounter in Schoenstatt.

Star Weekend in March

And now for the next step on our way to 2005. The first weekend in March is going to be a heartfelt invitation to our Youth Branches to get involved and to work together in the planning and organisation and come together for a "Star-Weekend" (Taken from the theme of the Magi following the star to adore the Son of God). Our VIPs (Very Important Persons) will be working in various activity groups, bringing together a not unimportant piece of Schoenstatt history. If you know of anyone who would like to get involved, please pass this information on to them.

On Sunday, 7th March the Holy Mass at 9.00am in the Adoration Church will be planned and led by our young people. During the Mass we will ask for "God's special blessing" on all our efforts and endeavours. If you are in or near Schoenstatt on Sunday, then please come along and join with us in thanking the Lord and entrusting our Project Office to our Blessed Mother Mary. After Mass there will be "Open House" at the Project Office with refreshments, video and lots of good company! We look forward to seeing you there! You simply cannot afford to miss it!

Youth Cross and Icon in Schoenstatt

The Youth Cross and the Icon of the Blessed Mother, that have travelled the world will be coming to Schoenstatt on Friday evening, 15th Oktober 2004 and will remain in Schoenstatt until Sunday, 17th October. Our Office hopes to plan a unique and special celebration of faith that will involve youth from Gemany and also from other countries. The arrival of the Cross and Icon will be the official beginning of the October Congress in Germany, which will be led and planned in a special way this year by the Schoenstatt Youth.

Invitation to Prayer

The official World Youth Day Prayer is now available in most languages and can be found in the official Website of the World Youth Day in Cologne. Father Martin Emge from the Bamberg Schoenstatt Family has also taken the intiative of a short prayer as a means of accompanying the World Youth Day Cross and Icon of the Blessed Mother on its pilgrimage around the world. Copies of the prayer leaflet with a translation in five different languages will be made available as soon as possible. The prayer could also be attached to emails or distributed with the request for support.

Materials and Merchandise

Different countries and groups have produced over the years excellent materials and merchandise that can be used by young people; such as original rosaries, books, prayer leafets, T-shirts, youth crosses, etc. We would welcome these materials here in Schoenstatt so that they can be made available during the Youth Celebrations in Schoenstatt and in Cologne in a kind of "Schoenstatt Youth Shop". If you or your group have anything of interest, please get in touch with us.

Registration and Programmes

All registration for the Youth Encounter in Schoenstatt and in Cologne should take place through our Project Office. We also hope to assist you in any special and individual group programmes if you are coming earlier to Schoenstatt or staying later, or if you would have an alternative programme for 11th August.

Newsletter, telephone numbers, and more

A newsletter is now available (so far in English and German) for all those interested in more details from the Schoenstatt Project Office for the World Youth Day.

Write to:

Telephone Numbers and Contact Persons are as follows:

Central Office: ++49- 261-6404-400
Father Duncan: ++49- 261-6404-402 (Mobile: 0176-22263635)
Sister Johanna-Maria: ++49- 261-6404-404
Sister Bernadete-Maria: ++49- 261-6404-419
Voicemail: ++49- 261-6404-484
Fax: ++49- 261-6404-408


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