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 published: 2004-01-30

Schoenstatt – On the way to the World Youth Day 2005

The Project Office opened January 27, 2004

P. Duncan McVicar, Gran Bretaña

Fr. Duncan McVicar, Great Britain

P. Duncan McVicar, Großbritannien


Hna. Johanna-Maria Helmich, Alemania

Sr. Johanna-Maria Helmich, Germany

Sr. Johanna-Maria Helmich, Deutschland


Visita del director del Movimiento de Alemania (de espaldas), P. Lothar Penners, el 27 de enero

Visit of the Movement Director of Gemany (back), Fr. Lothar Penners, January 27

Besuch des Bewegungsleiters (Rücken), P. Dr. Lothar Penners, am 27. Januar


Donación de Irmgard Hammer, Apostolado de los Enfermos

Donation of Irmgard Hammer, Apostolate of the Sick and Handicapped

Spende von Irmgard Hammer, Schönstattbewegung Frauen, Kranke und Behinderte


Ofincas en la Casa Padre Kentenich

Offices in the Father Kentenich House

Die Büroräume sind in diesem Teil des Pater-Kentenich-Hauses

Fotos: POS Fischer © 2004


Fotos: © 2004


SCHOENSTATT, Fr. Duncan McVicar. Close your eyes and imagine this: Empty rooms, no furniture, no life, no-one – silent and noiseless; then slowly life enters in: desks and chairs, pin boards and pictures, cups and kettles, telephone and computer, workers and helpers, visitors and 'phone calls, door-bell ringing, printers printing, prayers in the hallway – people everywhere – the Project Office for the World Youth Day 2005 has begun!

A box comes from a Schoenstatt Mother full of stationary items from the bank that she works in, a lady from the Schoenstatt League of the Sick offers a donation of fifty Euros towards the World Youth Day, a para-medic brings along a box of First Aid; someone gives cups and saucers, someone offers a printer and fax machine, someone sits for hours on end and gets the computers up and running. The words of Schoenstatt's Founder echo persistently in the background: "Mary, our Mother will draw youthful hearts to herself! If you have the youth – you have the future! Young people are the seed for a new culture!"

The Project Team, and the Poject Office ready to start

The Project Office for the World Youth opened on 27th January, 2004. The office - first visitors on January 27 were the members of the Central - is located in the Father Kentenich House on Mount Schoenstatt, neighboring the Founder Secretariat. Sister Johanna-Maria helmich, Germany, Sister Bernadete-Maria Ganz , Brazil, and Father Duncan McVicar, Great Britain, will be working full-time with the essential support and creativity of Schoenstatt's Youth from all over the world. We call them "VIPs" (From English: "Very Important Person"). They will be the ones who will plan and organise an unforgetable celebration of faith in Schoenstatt and in Cologne.

We already look forward to your visit at our Office and your interest and support. The Office is open, the work has begun, the adventure begins! Schoenstatt – on the way to the World Youth Day 2005!


Projektbuero Weltjugendtag,
Berg Schoenstatt 7,
D - 56179 Vallendar, Germany
Telephone: ++49 - 261 6404-400 (central)
Sr. Johanna-Maria Helmich: ++49 - 261 6404-404
Fr. Duncan McVicar: ++49 - 261 6404-402
Sr. Bernadete-Maria Ganz: ++49 - 261 6404-419
Fax: ++49 - 261 6404-408

Opening times:

Mo, Tue, Wed: 9 - 12 AM, 3 - 6 PM
Thu: 9 -12 AM, 3 - 6 PM, 7 - 8:30 PM
Fri: 9 -12 AM, 3 - 4:30 PM

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