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 published: 2003-12-19

The Surprise Super Star of the "Ardent Fire Bowl"

Contest about Joseph Engling’s Life held in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Andy Velazquez, 10 ańos, la sensación del equipo ganador

Andy Velázquez, 10 years old, the sensation of the winning team

Andy Velazquez, 10 Jahre, die Sensation des Gewinnerteams


Hinchada de la Juventud Femenina "Azucena" en el concurso José Engling

Fan club of the Girls' Youth Team "lily" in the Joseph Engling contest

Fans des Teams "Lilie" der Mädchenjugend im Josef-Engling-Wettbewerb


Juventud Femenina "Azucenas" versus Juventud Masculina "Ignis"

Girls' Youth "Lilies" contra Boys' Youth "Fire"

Team "Lilie" der Mädchenjugend gegen Team "Ignis", Feuer, der Mannesjugend


Concurso José Engling; al fondo los organizadores, la Juventud Masculina Secundaria

Joseph Engling contest; in the background the organizers, the high school Boys' Youth

Josef-Engling-Wettbewerb; im Hintergrund die Organisatoren der Mannesjugend


Equipo "Florescencias de diciembre" y amigas

Team "December flowers" with friends

Team "Dezember-Blüten" mit Freundinnen


Pati, Gaby, Majudi, equipo "Florescencias de diciembre"

Pati, Gaby, and Majudi, team "December flowers"

Pati, Gaby und Majudi, Team "Dezember-Blüten"


Jurado: secundarios de Asunción

Jury: Boys' Youth from Asunción

Jury: Mannesjugend aus Asunción


Fabio e Emilio, los "Guerreros"

Fabio and Emilio, the "warriors"

Fabio und Emilio, die "Krieger" der MTA


Hinchada de "Pira Ardiente"

Fan club of the team "Burning fire bowl"

Fan-Club des Teams "Brennendes Feuerbecken"

Fotos: Cabral © 2003




PARAGUAY, Guillermo Cabral Lasalle. The contest about the life of Joseph Engling held in Ciudad del Este was inspired by the one about Father Kentenich that is been done each year in Asuncion. Someone said, "If the Family Movement organizes a contest about the life of Father Kentenich, the Boys' Youth could one day have one about Joseph Engling and the Girls' Youth one about Barbara Kast, just to give an idea."

Why not?

The idea started growing with the impulse of the Joseph Engling fire bowl to be erected by the Boys' Youth, until one group, the ‘Brave Hearts’ decided to actually organize the contest.

In search of books

Once the young men committed to organize the contest, they looked for details of the life of Joseph Engling in the library of the Movement in Ciudad del Este: nothing, no books. One of the young men needed to go on a trip to Asuncion and there he hoped to find something in the Movement's book shop. But there were no books in Asuncion.

The mentor of the boys’ youth, Father Francisco Pistilli gave them a small book about the life of Joseph Engling. It was so old that it was necessary to copy it in the computer and reprint it.

"An important announcement"

During the announcements at the Holy Mass on November 18th, the reader announced that the Boys' Youth had a very important announcement. Since in those days there was talk about a possible vocation, in a moment of expectation everybody thought that was going to be the news. But the great surprise was the call for a contest about the life of Joseph Engling and the offer of a "new" book.

At the end of the Holy Mass all the books were sold! The people from the Family Movement were the most interested since they didn’t know too much about the life of Joseph Engling.

The contest

There was a lot to be done on Dec. 6th, the day of the contest, because that same day was the blessing of the fire bowl and the cornerstone of the fire bowl. The contest started late due to a problem with the light switch prepared for the answers. There were 3 groups scheduled to compete but one switch did not work so they reorganized the contest with rounds of two teams. It all went well thanks to the help of the MTA.

There were six teams competing; two of the Boys' Youth: "Warriors of the MTA" and "Fire"; two of the Girls’ Youth: "December Flowers" and "Lilies", one Family group (Family Branch and one girl of the Girls' Youth), and another group "Burning Fire Bowls" consisting of one couple of the Federation and a girl from the Marian Apostles, Andrea Velazquez (10 yrs. old) who was a revelation in the tournament answering almost every question.

The competition was tight with a duel at one time between two teams, one of the Boys' Youth, "Fire", and a team of the Girls' Youth, the "Lilies". The Boys' Youth requested not to mention the name of the finalist and we respect their wish.

Finally the team "Burning Fire Bowl" was the winner with little Andrea who knew everything. But the participants and the audience were the real winners. There were several prizes given away, record the Spiritual Daily Orde Books, other books, CDs, certificates and stickers. We learned, we worked and had fun.

About the contest we can now say:

Mission accomplished, Joseph Engling!

Translation: Carmen Barruel, Belgium, Paula Dudgeon, Minnesota, USA

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