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 published: 2003-12-19

The parishes open their doors to he covenant of Love with Mary

The Mothers’ League in San Isidro, Argentina, is looking for new horizons.

Carola Antón y Ana Hoffmann de Correa en el paso de la Jefatura de la Rama de Madres de San Isidro

Carola Antón and Ana Hoffmann de Correa at the passing on of the leadership of the Mothers' League in San Isidro

Carola Antón und Ana Hoffmann de Correa beim Akt der Übergabe der Führungsaufgabe der Mütter-Bewegung in San Isidro


P. Pablo Pol celebrando la Misa de  Alianza

Fr. Pablo Pol celebrating the Covenant Mass

P. Pablo Pol bei der Bündnismesse


Grupo Virreyes con Silvia y Helena

The group from Virreyes with Silvia and Helena

Die Gruppe aus Virreyes mit Silvia und Helena


El grupo de Martínez con su portadora Myriam

The Martinez group with Myriam as leader

Die Gruppe Martinez mit Trägerin Myriam


3° Rueda de Alianza de San Isidro con Marta y Perla

Third "Covenant Round" of San Isidro with Marta and Perla

Dritte "Bündnis-Runde" von San Isidro 2003 mit Marta und Perla


P. Hugo Alvarez celebrando Alianza

Fr. Hugo Alvarez celebrating the Covenant

Pfr. Hugo Alvarez bei der Bündnisfeier

Fotos: Hoffmann de Correa © 2003




ARGENTINA, Ana Hoffmann de Correa. "We cannot limit ourselves to this place only, this diocese is big…" The work of a few responsible Mothers from the San Isidro branch, in Argentina, has been fertile: as the year ends, several Mothers’ groups made the Covenant of Love in their parishes.

It was a topic that Ana Correa –Mother’s branch leader- and Carola Anaton -sub leader- talked about many times with Perla Schweizer and Marta Pol when they gathered for coffee, and the dialog was as follows:

Perla Schweizer: we have to make available a "Covenant of Love Home Delivery" (just like in the food industry-nowadays most restaurants have food home delivery service)

Marta Pol: But, how do we do for the different shrines in the zone to allow us to prepare women who would like to seal their Covenant of Love?

Ana Correa: We should make three Covenant Rounds in the Shrine, but we shouldn’t limit to this one, we need to open up, the diocese is big…

Carola Anaton (very realistic): But, where are we going to get the group leaders? We have to have mothers who are well prepared, and who are willing to do it.

Marta Pol: We also need to get the approval from the parish priests…

"How to approach parishes with our Covenant of Love to the Blessed Mother?"

The year began with this question: How to approach parishes with our Covenant of Love to the Blessed Mother?

The mothers offered many praying days, as well as the willingness to make this dream come through.

2003 was a year filled with work for the San Isidro Mother’s branch. Every month they had open talks with different guests, like Fr. Horacio Sosa, Fr. Angel Strada, Sr. M. Elena Lugo. They shared the most diverse and interesting topics.

Two Covenant Rounds took place, and by the beginning of September, several other groups flourished from neighboring villages, asking if they could hold a Covenant Round in their own place.

Covenant Round: this is a cycle of weekly gatherings where people who have never heard of Schoenstatt are presented with the main topics that lead to the Covenant of Love. It could be from six to eight meetings. At the end of the rounds they make their Covenant of Love, and decide if they form a group or not. Most people do.

That dream could become true! First was Garin, where there are 100 Pilgrim MTA images. Later in Virreyes, where the dinner-shelter "San Vincete de Paul" now is working (this dinner is supported by the San Isidro Schoenstatt Family); also, in the "Santa Maria" parish at La Lucila, from where many mothers come for open talks in the Shrine.

Covenant of Love in five new groups

The great task was to prepare the future group leaders. That’s how the "Workshops for Group leaders" started for those who would make "home deliveries".

Silvia Aiccardi, Helena Valente, Rita Bueno, Gloria Valdivieso, Myriam Zientek, Gladys De Marco and Mónica Ottolenghi came very enthusiastic and willing to learn in an "intensive course".

Sr. M. Bárbara, Pelusa García and Perla Schweizer were in charge of the teaching.

Thank God everything came out as the mothers dreamed about.

 In a few days, the new leaders came out to the "field" to deliver weekly meetings to the different parishes.

2003 was crowned with joy and gratitude, the groups from the Cathedral, Garin, Virreyes, and La Lucila sealed their Covenant of Love in the San Isidro Shrine, together with the mothers of the third round that had taken place by the shrine.

"Blessed Mother: we know each time we trust our longings in your hands, they come true. We’d like to heartily thank you for this fruitful year and for all the mothers that from now on, walk with you".

Translation: Vera Gamez, Austin, Texas, USA/Andrea Stephens

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