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 published: 2003-12-09

New: Video for the Meeting "UNITED FOR EUROPE" which will take place in Stuttgart on May 8, 2004

"An encounter of the eight" in preparation for "Stuttgart 2004", the great ecumenical meeting of the Movements: "One must not leave Europe only for the politicians"

Unidos por Europa - Stuttgart 2004

Together for Europe - Stuttgart 2004

Miteinander für Europa - Stuttgart 2004


Un Europa de hermanos, un Europa de valores, un Europa de Cristo

A Europe of brothers and sisters, a Europe of values, a Europe with Christ

Ein geschwisterliches Europa, ein Europa mit Werten, ein Europa mit Christus


1 Sr. Anna-Maria aus der Wiesche, Priorin der Christusbruderschaft Selbitz

2 Helmut Nicklas, CVJM München

3 Walter Heidenreich, Gründer der Freien Christlichen Jugend- gemeinschaft Lüdenscheid

4 Friedrich Aschoff, 1. Vorsitzender der Geistlichen Gemeinde-Erneuerung in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland

5 Andrea Riccardi, Gründer der Gemeinschaft Sant'Egidio

6 Frances Ruppert, Cursillo-Bewegung

7 Chiara Lubich, Gründerin der Fokolar-Bewegung

8 Gerhard Proß, Koordinator vom "Treffen der Verantwortlichen" und Leitender Referent des CVJM Esslingen

9 P. Michael Marmann, Schönstatt-Bewegung


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MOVEMENTS, jmk. A new video has been taped. Informative and inspiring, it is in preparation for the First European Encounter of the new Christian Communities. The encounter will take place on May 8, 2004 in Stuttgart. It is an invitation to the encounter, meant primarily for the members and friends of the new Christian Communities.

The video is 11 minutes in length. Personalities such as Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement and Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Sant’Egidio Community appear in the video to explain their commitment with the meeting "United for Europe". They explain what they expect from the encounter and how one can contribute to the revival of Europe’s Christian soul. Other contributers are: Friedrich Aschoff (President of the Spiritual Renewal of the Communities), Sr. Anna-María de Wiesche (Christ’s Community of Selbitz), Walter Heidenreich (Christian Community for Youth from Ludenscheid), Helmut Nicklas (Association of Christian Men, Gerhard ProB (Association of Christian Men "Meeting of Responsible Men") and Frances Ruppert (Cursillo Movement). Fr. Michael Marmann speaks for the Schoenstatt Movement

The video is recommended: very adequate for preparing the communities and movements for May 8, 2004. The cost is 10 euros plus shipping and handling. It may be ordered at: Buro Ottmaring. 4, 86316 Friedberg. Tel 0821-60 79 20, Fax 0821-60 73 52,



Toward the end of October, those responsible from the different communities in the mentioned "Meeting of the Eight" came together (Chiara Lubich, Friedrich Aschoff, Helmut Nicklas, Gerard ProB, Andrea Riccardi, Frances Rupert, Fr. Michael Marmann and Ulrich Parzany). Chiara Lubich, Ulrich Parzany, Friedrich Aschoff and Andrea Riccardi, among others, presented the topics which will be presented on the 8th of May. "The Movements are like one hundred creeks which flow into one current: from the believers…from the Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodox Christians. This unity in its diversity will rejuvenate a dried up Europe, and will make it fruitful. The wish is that from Stuttgart an enlargement of the heart of Europe will spring up which is what our movements are proposing in all humility," said Andrea Riccardi, the founder of the Sant’Egidio Community in regard to what he expects from the encounter "United for Europe".


This task motivates the circle of those responsible "United---how? If not?" (made up of seventeen different groups from the nine ecclesial communities). Approximately 10,000 participants are expected in the grand event of May 8, 2004 in Stuttgart. The congress which will take place before (6th and 7th of May, 2004) will have close to 2,000 men and women participants. It has to do with not leaving the responsibility for a new Europe which emerges to the the politicians. The clear objective of the ecclesial communities which will come together in this encounter is to give Europe a Christian spirit. The goal of this first European encounter is to offer their own charisms for the welfare of Europe and to give a brave testimony of Christian life and Christian values. The importance of such a work was demonstrated together with, for example, the fruitfulness of the action to gather signatures for the protection of the unborn. This was implemented the year before by different ecclesial communities. It is important to maintain the unity of those responsible faithful to the message of the Holy Father John Paul II who on the feast of Pentecost in 1998 said to the new ecclesial communities:

"Do not forget that each charism is given for the good of the whole Church" and he continued: "The Movements are the answer of the Holy Spirit to this dramatic test (the secularization) of our times".

The encounter of the 8th of May of 2004 should serve this purpose.

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Translation: Carlos Cantu, La Feria, Texas, USA

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